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    Grizzly bear smite frequency?

    Re: Grizzly bear smite frequency? ........what? No really, what?
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    Patriarch Genesis, Zeal/FoH/Hammerdin

    Re: Patriarch Genesis, Zeal/FoH/Hammerdin Mh, i tried something similar once.. Was something like, spirit 35 pala shield, grief PB, enigma.. only shako tho. So it was basically a 75% FCR paladin using smite, foh, and hammer.. First time it was around 6-7k hammer damage, 1.2k smite (1.2k...
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    PvP BvC Guide.

    Re: PvP BvC Guide. Well, my BvC which has 7.5-8k health, depending on setup, takes them down pretty easily... They need about 3 novas to get me down to 1, and oftentimes not even that, sometimes its more like 100 hp or so ^^ Also, as soon as i get hit by a nova, i do my best to...
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    PvP BvC Guide.

    Re: PvP BvC Guide. That damage is normal for grief, you probably have 5k dmg or more on grief.. hm about the AR, vs high-def chars (paladins, other barbs, and some others) you want angelic ring+amulet, and/or enchant from demon limb hm oh and a question to yuqing or anyone that knows...
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    Re: ..herb? hm, so they removed them?
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    Re: ..herb? ????????
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    ..herb? Hey, i was playing around with hero editor in SP, and i found an item called "herb".. What is it, where does it come from, and what does it do? Makes a unique sound when u drop it o: Edit; Oh, and i googled it, found nothing.. lemme know if u want a screenshot.. kinda looks like a...
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    1 fpa smite

    Re: 1 fpa smite Hm ok, i saw a video of someone with 1 2 or 3 fpa smite, can't find it tho.. but thanks anyway ;) Edit; Would anyone know a simple way to run diablo 1 in windowed mode? D:
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    1 fpa smite

    1 fpa smite hm, i was wondering how much IAS does one need to hit 1 FPA smite, or 2-3 fpa IF thats the lowest possible.. playing around with hero editor, just want to try it for fun :P Also, is there any way to edit weapon range in hero editor?
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    So... anyone actually got to 99?

    Re: So... anyone actually got to 99? my in-game friend has a lvl 99 dudu.. IIRC his friend did it for him, took 3 months of constant running.. :P Btw hes #1 shaper on Bnet :)
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    Would this idea work?

    Re: Would this idea work? Trade bug, yes. Merc bug, no. I had an auradin like 2 weeks ago, stacked just fine.. :>
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    I threw away my Diablo 2 LOD game...

    Re: I threw away my Diablo 2 LOD game... Wall of text, bunch of crap.. Also, how could you destroy your CD's whilst locked in the bathroom? unless... Wow, maybe this guy actually has/had his bathroom as his place to play d2, where he also had a fridge and a microwave :D
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    The Disappointments Thread

    Re: The Disappointments Thread I had a similar thing.. Too bad it was perf level 30 nec wand shield and circlet while muling, crash+rollback AFTER mule.. FML
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    Would this idea work?

    Re: Would this idea work? why not, CDM?
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    WW barb vs WW sin

    Re: WW barb vs WW sin How much IAS would i need to hit 9frame traps with a suwayyah? ATM i have a 30 IAS fools suwayyah..
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    __ colossal the rare barb __

    Re: __ colossal the rare barb __ This Shopped or not, theyre f--king awesome, and they DO exist.. I wasn't vouching for them not being shopped or something, but for the existing.. Also, shop link?
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    __ colossal the rare barb __

    Re: __ colossal the rare barb __ Vouch, he showed me his stuff.... DO WANT! 0.o
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    A few Guided Arrow Questions

    Re: A few Guided Arrow Questions Yes, psn scs work with guided arrow :) And yes, i think penetrate is the only thing that wont work with it (the one that passes through enemies)
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    Miniguide to the pvp wandbarb

    Re: Miniguide to the pvp wandbarb I know this is an old post, but i've seen one such barb before.. He had 37x 451psn scs, 2x deaths web, and widowmaker on switch... I think he had 20k-ish psn damage, and trust me, he was cleaning a pub (GM, ofc, no antidoes).. Also, if people are antidoting...
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    Monarch/Troll Nest Spirit questions

    Re: Monarch/Troll Nest Spirit questions old post, i know.. But i happen to have one of those! >:D