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    Diablo III Trading Jargon

    I'm looking for experienced input on a research topic I'm looking into for a very loosey-goosey project--I neglected taking this class during my sophomore year, so the expectations aren't high. I'm studying an aspect of video gaming culture--the online, RPG-oriented trading community--as a...
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    Glacial Spike sorc or Frozen Orb with T-Storm??

    Re: Glacial Spike sorc or Frozen Orb with T-Storm?? Well, sometimes it's nice to have multi like Doc noted for meph runs. That way you have less trouble getting to the chest at the end (you can get some nice stuff out of there sometimes).
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    Blog Response Repping

    Blog Response Repping I was just testing this out to see if it was possible and... apparently you can rep your own replies? It's my opinion that shouldn't be possible xD
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    Shield for blizzsorc using tals set

    Re: Shield for blizzsorc using tals set In theory it doesn't matter when you kill them. Assuming you do as much grinding, anyway, you'll end up with the same experience.
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    Ladder Reset build (1.13)

    Re: Ladder Reset build (1.13) Plus it looks cool with high FCR ;)
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    Ladder Reset build (1.13)

    Re: Ladder Reset build (1.13) I agree! Fishymancers are almost OP when it comes to soloing, if you think about it. Not to imply anyone wasn't thinking; it's just a colloquialism, I guess. But.. We're in the sorce forum, so I figured I'd just tailor my response to that alone. I think one...
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    Ladder Reset build (1.13)

    Re: Ladder Reset build (1.13) I'm planning on a pure Blizz build to MF hell andy/meph for some stuff. I don't find that I need any uber gear for it to work. But now with respecs I usually do fire for norm since it's the fastest and then I respect to cold/blizz in nm. It may be true that...
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    Ladder reset

    Re: Ladder reset You can get all the runewords and uniques that you can't in SP, as well as participate in pandemonium events, if you use plugY. You still have to do everything legitimately, but it gives you all the options SP should have. I agree that six months is far too short a time...
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    Male Wizards.

    Re: Male Wizards. This. While I'm fond of Gandalf and Zeddicus and Albus Dumbledor and any other number of stereotypically-portrayed wielders of arcane knowledge and power, I think that this goes in line with Diablo III breaking the norms. Not to mention his cool demeanor is a nice...
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    Why the hell...forge?

    Re: Why the hell...forge? I was about to say that I believe it was destroyed in the process of smashing Mephisto's soulstone, but then it's used to destroy Diablo's in a later cinematic... And Baal's is never shown as being destroyed. *shrug* I would assume after you essentially decimated...