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  1. MLVII

    Diablo 3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls Confirmed

    I am so glad with the change to the paragon system, that it is now account wide. Glad I didn't grind to lvl 100 paragon on more then one character lol.
  2. MLVII

    Crusader Skill Trees Revealed

    Finally a knight class. Am I getting my hopes up again for this game? :)
  3. MLVII

    If Blizzard Release PvP Without Ladders, Rankings or scores, it will seal D3's Fate

    Re: If Blizzard Release PvP Without Ladders, Rankings or scores, it will seal D3's Fa I'm not really fond of path of Exile, but since last Kripperian vid about PoE this has changed my feelings. Kripp shows the PvP in PoE, why the hell couldn't Blizzard implement the same thing from the start...
  4. MLVII

    Do you think Bliizard will fix the game with the next few patches?d

    Re: Do you think Bliizard will fix the game with the next few patches? I've got no confidence that they will fix the game. I actually quit D3 for over a week now after having 260+ hours invested into it. They could have fixed so many little problems already. To much emphasis is being put on...
  5. MLVII

    Wizard God mode bug.

    Would like to see the amount of players currently playing wizard and finally making progress in inferno Act III & IV :scratchchin:
  6. MLVII

    Barbarian Inferno Progress Survey

    Ok, thanks for the tip. I'll look into that and see what I can do to boost it with the limited funds I have :p
  7. MLVII

    Barbarian Inferno Progress Survey

    Cleared act II with 14 deaths against champ packs and act III is impossible. Even the white mobs do loads of damage. I'm not able to kill one champ pack in act III. I'm at a point in the game were I can't afford new gear from the AH since it costs millions to just replace 1 slot. Currently 48k...
  8. MLVII

    Deckard Cain's Data Dump - anyone banned yet for using it ?

    Now that we are 2 months into the retail I'm wondering if any players have been banned yet for using this program? Blizzard sees this program as a third party program and it was mentioned somewhere in a blue post that logging game data was against the TOS/EULA. Haven't heard anything since beta...
  9. MLVII

    Wow! Apparently magic find affects # of affix rolls on items?!der=0

    Re: New MF info: why farm anything but A1? So in other words, it's better to farm items with good gear without much mf and then switch to cheap gear with insane high mf + 5 NV stack and identify them one by one in town ?
  10. MLVII

    How's your friend's list activity?

    16 friends Of those 3 are still active, rest quit. It's sad ...
  11. MLVII

    Who is still playing D3 here, honestly WHY are you still playing?de

    Re: Who is still playing D3 here, honestly WHY are you still playing? Currently I'm at about 220 hours and 3 lvl 60's (Barb - DH & Wiz). Didn't play the DH & Wiz since they reached lvl 60 since the barb is my main and the 2 others are just alts on which I have no intention to ever get them...
  12. MLVII

    I am honestly surprised by this (RMAH) € 705,00 - insane
  13. MLVII

    No point in playing again before the patch ?

    I've stopped playing in inferno till 1.0.3 . I'm just now lvling a DH very fast to 60 with the powerlvling trick in act 3 before Blizzard nerves it (which I think they'll do in 1.0.3). Got a 60 Barb and Wiz and the DH should be 60 by tonight as well. Only the Barb is well geared at the moment...
  14. MLVII

    Am I the only person who prefers D3 to D2?

    You're not alone. I enjoy D3 over D2 as well. D3 isn't perfect and D2 had it's flaws and broken game mechanics as well, but I'm having a ton of fun with D3. I might even dare to say that I think I'm having more fun in 3D so far then I had in D2, even if I played D2 on and off for like 5...
  15. MLVII

    ugh, do followers even serve a purpose?

    I always take the enchantress with me. She rocks. Saved my life a couple of times by changing elites into chickens, giving me enough time for some 'free' damage or healing. She even changed Belial and Glom(?) into a chicken for me lol. Was great !
  16. MLVII

    If you could change one thing in Diablo 3...

    - They should bring back the old skill UI (the one they had before). Current one sucks. - Reduce (or even remove) the cool down on potions.
  17. MLVII

    Why only 10 AH sell slots?

    Also the 48 hours is way to long. Why not an option: 6h - 12h - 18h - 24h ... 48h This way items would sell way faster and those who don't aren't hogging up the 10 slot limit, so that you can vendor (or salvage) them faster if they aren't selling on the AH.
  18. MLVII

    [Spoiler] Rank the Acts

    3 4 1 2 Act 3 - Love everything about it - from the siege to the huge chained demons along the stairs. For some strange reason I always want to start watching Lord of the Rings when playing through that act. Act 4 - I love the architecture and the looks of the demons in that act. Act 1 - Get...
  19. MLVII

    Favorite Act

    There's a chest at the other side. It's a kind of mini-game, really liked it. Was something different. Don't know if that chest spawns every time though.
  20. MLVII

    Favorite Act

    Favourite act - Act III - fields of slaughter Reason: tons of mobs, don't have to run that much. They keep on coming from all sides, I like that a lot ! Least liked act - ACT II - (?) Oasis Reason: to big, monsters are too scattered - to much running from one pack to the next. Act IV has...