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    Blood shards not awarded on bounty completion?

    Right, it was zero. Found this on the Blizz forums: The bounties I'd tried were in different Acts, so that could be correct. Does that match other people's experience here? Edit: yeah, confirmed, consistently no actual bounty for...
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    Blood shards not awarded on bounty completion?

    I killed Malthael and started Adventure Mode today. Completed three different bounties; for each one, got a message saying the bounty was complete, and listing the rewards, including blood shards. However, I didn't actually GET any blood shards (that is, they're not listed in the currency area...
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    Diablo 3... isn't all that bad?

    I'm impressed by the way they're rethinking some of their basic design decisions in the patches. The game is really improving IMO. Still has room to improve more, but they seem to still be going strong. Don't think I've ever seen another non-MMO change basic gameplay mechanics so much in so few...
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    End-game maps system also a good idea for Diablo3?

    Not to diss PoE, but Torchlight had something similar, and for that matter so does Dungeons of Dredmor ;) (Although in the latter case it's not maps but random portals to minidungeons with potentially really great loot but really tough monsters.) Do I think D3 should rip this off? No, not...
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    Tell me about Sarcough runs please

    Would that be the minor demon Sarkoth? ;)
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    Random Quests

    Not sure why they're any more pointless than surface areas... the caves have plenty of champ packs, and there's usually at least one resplendent chest on the second level.
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    Random Quests

    Well, I don't do my exploration play on Inferno. I'm currently leveling all the classes and experimenting in hardcore while blizz plays with balance. And these areas are great for leveling... lots of xp, loot and the chance for gear upgrades, and the entertainment value :) Not to mention the...
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    No point in playing again before the patch ?

    Good lord, level some more chars of different classes. Even if you never use em as mains, you are a much better group member if you understand the skillsets of every class. If you can't stand working through the various act questlines, I am not sure why you still want to play the game at all :O
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    first step is to admit that...

    WoW was MASSIVELY influenced by D2 :p As many people pointed out when it was released. Starting with the exclamation points over questgivers' heads, heh... first thing I noticed when I booted up WoW for the first time :) And the blue and red health and mana globes... I think those started with...
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    Black Rock Ledger page 42???

    Yeah, I have a couple of the pages. If there IS an easter egg to be opened with em, it is pretty well hidden in the game files, or it would have been extracted by the code divers :p
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    Best way to get back gear and money after getting hacked?if

    Re: Best way to get back gear and money after getting hacked? Contact Blizzard and get your account rolled back.
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    Liquid Rainbow?

    Like this thread also on the front page ;) THAT one is well-known, but what I am wondering about is the Black Rock Ledger pages, which is apparently still unsolved :p
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    Diablo's voice sounds like a transsexual

    People have very different ideas about what's cool, was my main point ;)
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    Diablo's voice sounds like a transsexual

    I didn't use the word "bigotry", nor did I say I was offended... I'm not. I said I thought it was funny to see how people react to something a little off the norm in gender roles in video games, and I do :) The whole point of this thread is that Blizz did something a little different with a...
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    Am I the only person who prefers D3 to D2?

    A LOT of people love Twilight, don't forget ;) I do not mind the plot; it isn't great literature, but really, it isn't going for that. It's going for pop-culture popular, not art. There are some video games with surprisingly psychologically complex stories... even a few big titles... but it's...
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    Possible to Request Refund - Digital Copies

    Hmm... well, I wouldn't go so far as to say it was morally wrong to get a refund after playing to 50... but I agree with other posters that it's ironic that you could get that much play out of a game and consider it a failure. So many other games at precisely the same price point where you can...
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    Diablo's voice sounds like a transsexual

    The biological component of voice pitch comes from the size of the larynx, otherwise known as the "adam's apple", where the vocal cords are located. Males have on average larger larynges than females, so the cords are longer and vibrate more slowly, producing a lower pitch. I am not an expert...
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    Diablo 3: Let down or satified?

    lol. Seems like you should stop right there ;) They're working on one, but I am not too optimistic. The reason MMOs suck is because of gameplay mechanics forced on the devs by the fact that they're MMOs, IMO. I tried SWTOR, since that one was...
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    Were you hacked ?

    LOL, comeatmebrow :) BellaStrega is perfectly right, as a matter of fact, not opinion. ALL LANGUAGES CHANGE ALL THE TIME. That's the way it is now, and that's the way it has always been ;) It is a natural and completely universal phenomenon. Take a look at Shakespeare, Chaucer, or better yet...
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    Character Profiles Coming Soon to

    Re: Character Profiles - When? Hah :) Well, I like the idea of letting you opt out of a public profile (or even requiring you to opt in). But I also like the idea of being able to call bull**** on some of the forum loudmouths ;)