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    Weird background text box (asian languages)

    Re: Weird background text box (asian languages) I have this same problem. I run Vista 32. I have reinstalled and still ahve no idea what it is. My only workaround has been to assign my skills to F keys.
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    Looking to assemble team for new ladder

    Re: Looking to assemble team for new ladder I just started playing again and I'd be interested in joining a team. All my friends are long gone from D2 so the past couple weeks of 1p games have been quite lonely though I have managed to solo through act 5 hell on 3 characters already. I only...
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    USWest HC Buddies

    *jokaz-wild *jokaz-notwild *jokaz-gonewild I'm running a Fish, Trapper, and an Orber atm. Hit me up if y'all need anything. Will have a chanter also very soon.
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    USWest HC Buddies

    I'll be creating new accounts as well. Screw NL, lol.
  5. J

    Holy freaking Christ reset!?

    Sounds like fun. I might have to take some time off as well.
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    Calling all Bananas!

    WoW is a job, not a game.
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    USWest HC Buddies

    Updated list with spelling changes and new posts. Please make sure I have your name correct. pockett Hc-ragnrock Raysti Dare-Hard kittenbitten kittensmitten outlaw]u[ jokaz-wild jackfish Rynefire Arrancar-HC Viazard-HC Oblivionrose chadarnook war2486...
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    USWest HC Buddies

    This idea of having a conjunction of trustworthy D2 HCers is brilliant because it 1) is going to making life through HC less demanding (e.g. Baals, Torch running, etc.) and also 2) avoid losing everything you've put alot of time into without being left up sheet creek afterwards (e.g. get your...
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    USWest HC Buddies

    I'm also back to HC after a couple years off. Have a baby CL/Orb Sorc to start out with and going to work on a BO Barb and Hammerdin as soon as I stash up some gear. Please add me to this list and I'd enjoy meeting/playing with new friends. *jokaz-wild
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    CL/FO Sorc for evaluation

    My personal CL/Orb build (level 85): 5+ (adding as I level) charged bolt 20 lightning (somewhere around 8k avg) 20 chain (13 bolts x 5k avg) 20 mastery 20 frozen orb (5 pre-req's) 1 cold mastery (with +8 to +10 skills it's been enough) static (16m radius) tk/tp (tele is 6 mana per...
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    Diablo/Baal run Sorc

    boots: treks with 20 fhr and 15 vit are my best advice for this build
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    FOR SORC FANATICS: If you were to have only one sorceress, what build would it be?

    I've done blizz (level 90, with godly gear), meteor/orb (level 85 with decent gear), and now I'm playing CL/Orb and favorite has to be CL/Lightning/Orb with the dual trees and in addition to my godly merc, I can handle anything in hell. The slower cast rate is a little weird after playing a...