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    Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Challenge

    LIVING PLAYERS: Forum Name Starting Character/Class Last Character Completed 1) Skunkbelly (I will fill in all characters at start time) 2) Pancakeman (need sponsor) 3) Scarred_life (demented.anarchist(at) sponsor) 4) smilts/ smiltstomb(at) (need...
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    Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Challenge

    Eeep, didn't add myself. Doing so now. LIVING PLAYERS: Forum Name Starting Character/Class Last Character Completed 1) Skunkbelly (I will fill in all characters at start time) 2) Pancakeman (need sponsor) 3) Scarred_life (need sponsor) 4) smilts (need sponsor) 5)...
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    What's the best armor/weapon you've gotten from racks by meph? der

    I BELIEVE it was a TGod's, but that may have dropped from a vampire boss near the rack instead of teh rack itself, I forget
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    Extremely OT- Let's talk love!

    Yes, as others have said before, I believe that there are many people out there who are "the one", you simply have to be open. The key is not to go searching for the one, to hold a magnifying glass up and ask at every opportunity if they are or are not the one. It is my feeling that the only...
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    Skunkbelly's Ultimate Tournament Challenge

    I would love to join this tournament, it sounds very fun. I WILL, however, need a sponsor since my one single HC character is in a tournament that allows no ATMA hijinks, thus meaning I can't take items off (And at his low level, they would all be bad ANYWAY, I don't want that).
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    Druid idea

    You might have a mite of trouble recruting a mite merc so might I suggest that you might want to recruit a might merc instead? You should also realize if you are going through with this that werebears, while fun by all means, are NOT fast killers, especially untwinked when you can't get their...
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    OT:So...Where Is everyone here in the single player forum from? de

    Ah, all these east coasters are making me a tad nervous...I never was too fond of ole easteys. Anyway, I currently live here in Salem, Oregon. Sterotypes? Well, none really that I can think of, the only problem being that whenever you mention Oregon, everyone's minds drift to "Trail". Now, I...
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    My first wind druid needs your help.

    Well, how about I just tell you what my druid uses. Head - Jalal's Mane Weapon - Wizardspike Shield - Lidless Wall Body - Vipermagi Gloves - Magefist Belt - IK Detail Boots - IK forge Jewelry is all crappy except for a ravenfrost for the cannot be frozen This actually gives me...
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    OT: Kingdom of Loathing - need char choosing guide

    I played it...oh jeez, about 2 years ago? A little less? I beat just about everything the game had to offer and there were some areas that couldn't be unlocked yet. I was also rolling in the meat. A couple months ago, I stumbled upon it again and tried to log in, but of course they have...
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    Median 2007 1.24 T

    Currently playing a druid, finding it...a breath of fresh air if nothing else. I'm using the poison skills because woah man they do a ton of damage, although they force you to wait a while for deaths. Buffs...seem to be incredibly low duration. I am wary of putting points in something that...
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    Let's agree on spelling the Sept....... thingy.

    Oh...oh god...oh god no...what have I done?! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! *sobs and furiously wipes makeup off baba*
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    (Not so) Monthly Giveaway Thread

    swordofafang at gmail dot com
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    Steve Irwin is dead?

    While I respect him more than I do any other celebrity, I can appreciate a good joke at his expence. As someone mentioned, he was a comedian and joker in real life, and I am sure he appreciates the irony of the fact that he was shooting a documentary on the world's deadliest animals and was...
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    (Not so) Monthly Giveaway Thread

    Oooooh, I would really like that totem if I can get it =) My most embarrasing moment? Well, it wasn't THAT bad, but since I don't play hardcore, I don't have an eagle eye for mods on monsters. Regardless of what a monster might be, it is only when they hit me once and my bulb drops to...
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    RL - I really hope that bureacratic machine that we call the government can oil up the ole' gears and get me my grant money ASAP so I can, you know, register. Yeah yeah, it is awfully late for all this, but it is community college. D2 - Just ventured online for the first time in a...
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    Off Topic: How old are you?

    18 m'self. Just headin' off to college, fresh-faced and ready for anything, completely unawares of the soul-crushing realities of life and temporarily invulnerable to the setbacks and disappointments that await me which with finally erode all my joy of life in due time!
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    Back in the game, with some Qs

    Limecat would like the idea of Flint as a barbarian! Like mentioned, the only real build that would fit is a conc barb. As for has already been said. Good luck! And mat your way be free of black dragons, heart attacks, and dark knights.
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    Set/Unique Item Worshippers Tournament II

    Amazons RiverSue (Wolron), 15 S/U items equipped, level 75, Act 2 Hell Viper Temple R.I.P. Mama_ZanRondo (ECC), 2 S/U items equipped, level 19, Act 2 Normal Brina (zatlaren), 2 S/U items equipped, level 18, Act 1 Normal - Jail R.I.P. Worshipper (atreides), 4 S/U items equipped, level 21, Act...
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    Am I ready for hell?

    Well, I'll race ya...that is to say, if Suicide Branch can drop off nightmare meph. I ran back to act 3 to do a meph run with my MF gear (~200%, and it does hurt my killing speed...can probably get ~130% or so with no real loss)...turns out the entrance to durance 3 spawned 1 room away from the...
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    Am I ready for hell?

    Ironically, I thought of that a few days ago. Boy was I glad when this nice chap CoS was offering a free suicide branch in his giveaway. I could definatly make use of it! Sadly, we all know how THAT went.