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  1. emar

    has the new people of D2 become sissies?

    I am really struggling with comprehending what you post about, ESL or not... The game is EASY - now, then and forevermore. Regardless of the patch. Blizzard designed it so. Maybe it requires some patience but Point and click... Party play makes the game that much less challenging - gear is...
  2. emar

    New hacks out - GZ!!!

    Haha! That's funny and so sad. *Tear* Some people can't seem to win in life, leave them to their game hax. Helps with e-Esteem!
  3. emar

    Is Arctic good for anything?

    Bow = Arrow - natural progression into Zon territory of course ;) Anyone that can apply Elemental damage to the weapon would be better off, simply because the base is weak. Venom, Sorc Masteries/Enchant, etc. However, you are shooting normal arrows - not EA or GA. Zons would be massively...
  4. emar

    has the new people of D2 become sissies?

    The relative ease of (which is what I was talking about...) has little to do with the patch and a lot to do with the ability to party play. Cooperative team effort can cover inherent weaknesses across the classes. I don't care about RWs, uniques, sets and the like. You can talk...
  5. emar

    Widowmaker, useful in pvp?

    Widow is used to force offense and make the opponent bleed. You won't get much damage out of it - instead aim for OW. If he wants to play entirely defensive just take pot shots till he bleeds out. In my experience using it, Widow almost always makes the opponent come to you.
  6. emar

    yay i have her back

    I'm struggling with the concept that you died and lost everything including charms. Gear I can see happening, but the reason charms would disappear? Cause they are doop'd... I have played this game for such a long time, and sorry bud, your story doesn't have a ring of truth to it...
  7. emar

    Is Arctic good for anything?

    There are people that have made it through the game in HC with no attacking, gearless, so on and so forth. A character that actually attacks should breeze through compared to that. ED is pretty much pointless on a 15 avg. damage bow... Keep your duped jewels elsewhere. 63 IAS puts you...
  8. emar

    Is Arctic good for anything?

    Frostmaiden is your best choice for the set. You'd shoot a little slow, but with enough patience you could make it hell viable.
  9. emar

    Help me improve my build (hdin)

    Hoto (40) + Spirit (35) + Arach (20) + Trang's (20) + Ring (10) = 125 You wouldn't need more... Anywho, Pally shields can have the innate resist mod so that covers your 35 loss if you choose. I would stick with 125 FCR. As it stands you do enough damage to handle PvM - more is...
  10. emar

    cd key banned

    Har har, comedian amongst us - pop almost came outta my nose reading your post -.- Despite what all the cute little nublets tell you - MH is detectable. Delete it off your computer, run multiple virus/spyware scans (you likely DL'd a keylogger/backdoor or something of the sort) and try...
  11. emar

    cd key banned

    You do not get CD Keys banned for making games too fast my friend. Temp banned, but not account closed banned. What kind of message are you getting? Are you able to log in and the characters are simply not there. There would be a message to the effect of "You have been temporarily banned...
  12. emar

    cd key banned

    Shame. Try not cheating next time? I have never heard of a ban being unwarranted.
  13. emar

    cd key banned

    I'm shedding a tear for you, I can assure you... I'd say it is pretty obvious your Classic key got banned as well.
  14. emar

    questions about foh

    Eh? Don't go with the newbie pub setup they are fodder - many folks don't have a clue about character building. Goals with your build should be: Hit as close to 50 DR as possible. Get Max Block. Get Max Resist + Stack. Get over 4K+ HP. Get CBF (for charge/desynch). Get damage. Hit...
  15. emar

    upping cerimonial to GMB

    No. Only rares/uniques can be upgraded.
  16. emar

    What woulda happened if we'd sent it?

    *Claps* Lovely. I never frequent this forum, but why not post, right? I honestly don't think much would have come out of it. You probably would have mortified the poor girl, but an e-mail 'coming out of the closest' sent to all contacts is highly suspect. I can't imagine many folks...
  17. emar

    Help me improve my build (hdin)

    Uh huh... What's the problem again? If you are struggling with areas learn to play better - that gear is not slowing you down any... Switch out Monarch for a Paladin shield - that should be the first and foremost on your list. In PvM use 35 Spirit and put on HoTo - that takes your...
  18. emar

    Why do people want Infinity in Collusus Voulges?

    Uh huh, I guess I need to frequent more pubs because I have never ever heard that last one in all my time playing. Wierd ~.- Sneaky carpets...
  19. emar

    Pvp Bow helm

    The second one is a billion times sexier. I don't think there would be a noticeable damage difference between the two - working from my screwy 2 hours of sleep math. Wait for other opinions, but my first and only choice would be numero 2.
  20. emar

    Question regarding Paladin Shield block%

    Chalk it up as something else AS has wrong -.- oG oG Blizzard! Ideally you want a shield with high block/low requirements in order to save stat points. Use whatever you have if it is PvM - there really isn't much of a difference (unless of course we are talking normal vs elite class)...