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    /players command bug, or not...

    Hmm, never encountered your exact bug. The players settings you leave it on does remain as long as you don't quit d2, so if you were doing p8 with one char then quit and started another char, it would still be at p8, but you can adjust it at any time as well... Just make sure you adjust the...
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    My latest pat: HurtyStick the Avenger

    That's interesting, I hadn't thought of using straight damage reduction. It's probably more useful than I think it is, since most of the wimpier hell monsters do like 100 damage so if you have -70ish that would help a lot!
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    Playing on /players8

    The slower killing time is not generally worth the extra loot in my opinion, unless you already kill extremely fast (pretty much normal mode, and when you get good equipment later on). Killing an enemy with double the hp does not double your chances at a drop, so I don't think it's worth it at...
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    2h Frenzy Barb Beginnings

    ROFL at kabal. I think what the original poster means is to dual wield, although his use of 2h denotes 2-handed weapons, which makes no sense since you can't dual wield 2-handed weapons except swords. Anyways I don't know much about frenzy barbs, but I did a double swinger once. Nice early...
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    What's the best armor/weapon you've gotten from racks by meph? der

    I keep getting great talons from the weapon rack, sometimes they sell for a lot because of +skills, but no uniques for me! At least meph dropped 2 or 3 bartuc's :D
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    OT: Since when do Austrailians eat more sugar than Americans??? de

    Hehe I was thinknig of making an avatar with a vampire necro from trang-oul's set saying "boo!" to that wounded guy, but I don't have a full trangs set lol! Or maybe like "say no to drugs" or "pick a sorc next time."
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    My latest pat: HurtyStick the Avenger

    Hehe do it untwinked!
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    OT: Since when do Austrailians eat more sugar than Americans??? de

    I love your avatar lol mr. donuts. I really haven't a clue on why Australians would eat more sugar. All I know off the top of my head is that sugar is on the American government's list of foods to limit...but that doesn't mean anything, it's probably on any government's list of foods to limit.
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    My latest pat: HurtyStick the Avenger

    Yeah I was thinking about a 2-handed for an avenger myself, and I realized with the paladin this is a tricky thing to do against large mobs (with a berserker barb you have warcry to help you out for instance). Have you thought of maybe using a shield + scepter in the other hand with +3...
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    Guardian No. 5 - Arthas - Hammerdin

    That's one phat ring! Congrats on the Guardian!
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    My latest pat: HurtyStick the Avenger

    I think I missed something here, what was your skill allocation? Is it another thread or something?
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    LK and Pindle results...mine stink!

    I hear you lplblasch! My drops suck too and even when I do get something like nice verdungo's it's always towards the bottom end of the drop :cry:
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    Extremely OT- Let's talk love!

    And my last response: Patriotism and historical background come from religion, obviously. If you ignore religion, you go in ignorant, in the same way that if you go into romanticism without giving a heavy nod to sex, you go in ignorant. If romantical relationships were just about emotional...
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    Extremely OT- Let's talk love!

    Thanks for the input Drystan, I knew something I was sputtering had some academic relevance :scratch:
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    Extremely OT- Let's talk love!

    No, I don't argue for the sake of arguing. I'd rather not argue at all, because it's tiring and futile. I have never seen a single person convinced by the other in these kinds of discussions, what happens is everyone goes off believing in their own views even more. All I want to say is that...
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    Early on most of the mods you find on boots/armor/shields you can just shop, so I never gamble those; resetting the vendors is just like gambling in that case when you're looking for those resist/MF boots or blocking shield :D
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    Item Find Thread (FrostBurn's own Meph run Thread) 24/09/2006 der=

    damn it, I have found about 12 bloodletteers and none of them are perfect, and about 12 string of ears and 3 verdungos and none of them exceed 13% DR, I have 170% steeldrivers....I want better rolls on the uniques I find : (
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    Extremely OT- Let's talk love!

    All the bio books I read state that the most important aspect is to reproduce. Those who cannot reproduce are the least connected to the survival of the species. That doesn't make those part of the species unimportant, but just to say there is a vast difference in current potential to propagate...
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    Extremely OT- Let's talk love!

    One is sexual, one isn't. In order that your children are raised well. Why go through the vows of until death do us part when 70% of first marriages end in divorce? Make it, "as long as I am happy." You sure about this? All of the male coworkers I know start dumping girls when they...
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    Confusion about some sets

    Sheesh lol grizwold's is already really hard to find since most of it is elite, then you have to find all the jewels too!