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    blizz or orb??

    blizz or orb?? i been wondering which one would be a better choice. im not much of a pk person. i like pvm more than pvp. i heard that a blizz and a orb would do the job. but which one would be better? can orb kill bosses quickly too?
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    what do you mean by adding a magic item? does the pgem have to be all the same kinds?
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    SKILL GCs ok. i have 5 characters, 1 blizzard sorc, fireball sorc, smiter, werewolf and a javazon. all of them have good gear (given by my closest friends). andi was just wondering how to make a skill gc? I was told b4 that you can make a skill gc by transmuting a grand charm in the cube but im...
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    2 ebotd FOR BABA GOOD?

    2 ebotd FOR BABA GOOD? I have a whirlwinder baba(lvl 85) who is doing ok in hell. He has immortal set.. (some of my friends say immortal set isnt the best choice for baba but i just think its cool):smiley: So I wanted to try using 2 ebotd for my WW baba, would it get better or worst? SOme...
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    Socketing ??????

    Socketing ?????? Im a newb in socketing items. i have never socketed an item before, i had always ask my friends to do it for me (most trusted friends). But then i want to learn how to socket items on my own. I just want to ask how does socketing work? HOw do you socket a weapon? I heard that...
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    New Werewolf Pk :Videos: Randoms

    DUDE GREAT JOB!! I hate those guys who wouldnt get let u get your corpse. But still good job!
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    ww assasins only good for pvp or pvm?

    ww assasins only good for pvp or pvm? Are WWassasins only good for pvp or pvm? some guides say that its good in pvm others say that its for pvp. So which one is it?:scratch: If for pvm i know it needs crushing blow but wat about for pvp?
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    Can someone give me a WWsin BUILD

    Can someone give me a WWsin BUILD Every since LOD came out ive always wanted to play assasins Espeacially Whirlwind assasins. But some say they suck a** in pvm but others say they are extremely godly. First my question is, what would be better to make for pvm and pvp a Pure WW assasin or an...
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    WW assasin vs WWBABA

    WW assasin vs WWBABA i heard that WW assasins are a KICK A** character!!!! and that venom attack that has like small time to do their poison damage! WHOOO!!!! thats just SEXY... but Would a WW assasin do a great job in pvm and against a WW BABA? Lets just say that both characters have perfect...
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    FURY/RABIES questions

    oh and by the way. Is a fury/rabies only good for pvp or can you also use it for pvm??? Because i really like killing monsters more than killing players on my spare time with my charger or with my fireball sorc. But then i never tried a druid b4. UNTIL TODAY! =)
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    FURY/RABIES questions

    Thx man it really help but the only thing i dont get is i should max oak sage or werewolf? which one?
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    FURY/RABIES questions

    FURY/RABIES questions I was just checking the internet on how to build a decent fury/rabies for pvp and some sites gave me this. Max Lycan.,werewolf,fury,rabies,poisoncreep., oak sage. But then that equalls to 120 skill points. it doesnt make sense at all. so can someone who has been...
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    Baba Singer?

    Baba Singer? I been playing diablo 2 last week and i saw this baba singer dominate this pvp room. I was just wondering the skills for a singer and how much damage they can do with top gear?
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    Grief i have a zealot and saw kingdrylands thread which said something about the runeword GRIEF. I just want to know if this runeword is only in ladder?
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    zealot vs WW baba

    zealot vs WW baba Ok. im still kind of to version (i think the newest version is 1.10 or 1.11) 1.10 or 1.11. and was wondering if a zealot would run over a baba in pk? I know some people would ask what gear theyd be wearing and things like that. but i do not know wat gear a baba wears so i...
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    BABA vs ZEALOT 1pt smiter

    BABA vs ZEALOT 1pt smiter Ok. im a ww baba and my friend has a zealot with 1pt on smite. I was wondering who had a better chance of winning disregarding the items that we use.
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    fury druid questions

    i would put the rest into rabies or so. cuz i really like the way rabies kicks a** in pk.but thats just me
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    question with LARZUK!

    question with LARZUK! ok. ive seen people having that torch that gives 3 to amazon, assasin, baba... and so on and so forth so i decided to make a zealot espeacially for ubers. And when i was like lvl45, i went to this site and i saw that thread about the 1pt smite zealot and it mention...
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    [East SC Ladder] duels

    hows about chargers? cuz my friend is in your realm and he has a charger