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  1. Malaterre

    Vote: Diablo 3's Seven Design Pillars, in RoS

    I voted for - Approachable as the game is really easy to start nowadays. - Powerfull heroes. I think the feeling of power while fighting is present. - Endlessly replayable. As I do not play a lot, I can play the game for years. And they added seasons to reset the game if you like that. I...
  2. Malaterre

    Some Diablo 3 Achievements are Bugged + Work Around

    I really enjoyed achievments back in Vanilla day. It kept playing for a long time trying to finish those (I reached 97% but never really finished). The best achievements were those that requires a bit of thinking to figure how to make them (how to kill 30 monsters in one blow with this skill...
  3. Malaterre

    Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3?

    Well, this is going to look a a bit strange to most of you but I would like the game to be simpler and to offer better rewards/progression. As a casual player, there was not a moment where I was comfortable with the game. Somehow I play too much to be satisfied with playing the game in the...
  4. Malaterre

    Vote: Diablo 3 Seasonal Ladder Characters are Optional?

    I do not play enough to invest in seasons. I think the main point is loosing the artisans, loosing the parangon points and restart from scratch. What a chore. Sure, for someone who plays a lot, this is minor but, for me, even rerolling a char to 70 takes 10-15 hours and is already quite long...
  5. Malaterre

    Will D3X #2 Feature Arena PVP?

    I do not think we will have any kind of serious PvP because of they are developping their MOBA and this is probably their priority in terms of PvP/e-sport. As SC2 and RTSs become less popular than MOBAs, they need other games if they want to remain an important player in the e-sport scene. Also...
  6. Malaterre

    Would you pay real money for more Diablo 3 stash and characters?

    I would be willing to pay for more char slots/stash space. At the moment, I would be more interested in stash space. Blizz has been more generous with character slots but stash space is scarced.
  7. Malaterre

    Diablo 3 Patch 2.1: New Transmog Options

    I change loot to often to transmogrify it. Occasionnally, I transmogrify one object if I find it especially ugly (or use vanishing dye). Vile Wards, for example. Generally it concerns the shoulders, head, weapons and shields. The rest is not that visible anayway.
  8. Malaterre

    Vote: Is Hardcore Diablo 3 Taking Over?

    I have mixed feelings. SC allows to crank up the difficulty and to play a bit above the difficulty curve as it gives a challenge on almost every boss/rare/champion fights. Still, it feels a bit like cheating when you played HC. HC forces you to play below the difficulty curve (to be...
  9. Malaterre

    Royal Grandeur Ring

    Well, didn't Blizz said that after a while without a legendary drop (one hour or so), the probability to get one slowly starts to grow?This could be why you find a legendary in a cache after a time of bad luck.
  10. Malaterre

    Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Notes: No More Legendary Materials!?

    I have mixed feelings concerning the removal. I am happy that it is simpler to craft legendaries. Without farming, the crafting was almost useless. By the time you had the recipe and the materials, you probably had some better equipment. It was sometimes useful for rerolls, but not much more...
  11. Malaterre

    Best and Worst Diablo 3 Acts for Horadric Caches?

    I am running bounties in Act 5. Because I like act 5 and because I still have some exploration/achievements to do there. I do not really farm so the efficiency is not important for me. If I were to do act I repeadtedly, I would become bored very rapidly.
  12. Malaterre

    RoS PS4

    Actually, the PS4 version looks exactly as the PS3 version. No surprise here. I guess it will play exactly the same. Perhaps the trackpad will be used to navigate in the menus or inventory, but I guess that's the main difference there will be.
  13. Malaterre

    RIP: Our Fallen Friends

    Death Certificate Character name: Erzulie Character level: 70 (75) Character class: Witch Doctor Character build: Locust, Firebombs, Dogs, Piranha, Fetish Army, Spirit Walk Act: V, Battlefields of Eternity Death type: Fighting a rare primordial scavengre Cause of demise: I was fighting a rare...
  14. Malaterre

    Vote: Diablo 3 Difficulty Aspirations?

    I am playing HC and rather casually. So my goal is to reach T1/T2. I am not yet there (Master at the moment). Then I want to work on my achievements, equip most of my characters for T1/T2... Eventually, I will work more on one character but I find it quite boring after a while (when things start...
  15. Malaterre

    Reaper of Souls Coming to Consoles

    Yes, this is also the first time they announce D3 is coming out on Xbox. I would like them to add pad controls to the PC version. I am not interested in buying a PS4/XboxOne to play D3 and restart everything. But I would be willing to play from my couch from time to time.
  16. Malaterre

    How do you feel about ladders and the reset?

    As a casual player, not interested at all. I am already wondering if I should quit HC because it is too long for me to acquire reasonnable loot and I am not sure I want to start again if/when I loose one of my HC toon. The idea to loose it all every 3-6 monthes due to ladder resets does not...
  17. Malaterre

    US HC East Clan Mumble Server Interest?

    Typically, Mumble becomes a mess when you have more than 10-15 persons using the same channel. You can create as many channels as you want so that people in a group can use their own channel (you call them Party1, Party2... and so on). Even with that, you generally need several (and not just...
  18. Malaterre

    US HC East Clan Mumble Server Interest?

    Just to mention that a Mumble server is cheaper than a Teamspeak or Ventrilo one. I think it is mostly related to the fact that Mumble is open source and does not require to pay a fee to use the server program. In Europe, a 30 slots Mumble server costs around 1 euro per month. You could...
  19. Malaterre

    Questions from an old player.

    Without power leveling by another player, it will take 10-15h to go through the story mode once, starting from scratch and playing (mostly) with what you find. Using what you find, you can easily play in Hard. Expert may be more challenging. The story mode with Hard difficulty will allow you to...
  20. Malaterre

    Diablo 3 Second Expansion Survey

    I am happy with the actual extension that bring a lot of interesting features (adventure mode, bounties, rift, new class). I am not sure I want another expansion because I do not know what they could actually put in it. The story is crap so there is no reason to wait for an expansion for...