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  1. Wolfpaq777

    New and Poor: Best way to build wealth?

    You don't really need gold as much as you need gear. I just hit 70 with my first hardcore character and my plan has been steadily upping the difficulty as i farm bounties and gain rift shards. Once I have a nice stockpile and gear up to where I'm comfortable with torment 1 difficulty, I'm...
  2. Wolfpaq777

    Triple Vote: Reaper of Souls Strongest Class, and Class Balance

    That's a great point. I've said before that calamity (hand crossbow with guaranteed chance to apply MfD to everything we hit) is the best MfD rune which is kind of sad, but it certainly makes calamity a hot ticket item!
  3. Wolfpaq777

    [Build] Usain Bounty - The fastest bow in the west

    Yeah I was instakilling everything on expert except purples and certain troubling yellows so I didn't really need resource management. Personally I wouldn't be using strafe at all on higher difficulties, but if you've got the gear for it then more power to you. Is cluckeye awesome? I found...
  4. Wolfpaq777

    Triple Vote: Reaper of Souls Strongest Class, and Class Balance

    Until blizzard tones down Wizard active damage multiplication they will always be the strongest class. Prodigy, electrocute & FO weren't really the issue. 10% all damage from sparkflint 20% all damage from magic weapon 5% crit & 35% armor from pinpoint barrier For 3 active skills. Toss in...
  5. Wolfpaq777

    Strategy Overview: Difficulty Levels in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

    I think this post would have been an excellent place to mention the torment only legendaries originally listed here: Then updated here:
  6. Wolfpaq777

    Do Grenades-affixed items benefit Cluster Arrow, Vengance, etc?

    I think he means the other way around. You use the skill grenades, you proc.. say an explosive bolt from hellfire machine. Is that proc's damage raised? I think the answer is no.
  7. Wolfpaq777

    [Build] Usain Bounty - The fastest bow in the west

    For purely speed running do you think tenclip beats danetta's? Also, have you considered the hot pursuit passive? For long periods of movement, I've found permavault to be very nice. In theory, you only need to tap strafe briefly to activate the speed boost from warzechian. I also noticed...
  8. Wolfpaq777

    Making gold-the easiest solution I found

    I'm down 20 mil since RoS started but I'm slowly clawing my way back by selling rares as you said. Something else that really helps is playing on master or higher. Every imperial gem you find is essentially 300k gold you just saved.
  9. Wolfpaq777

    Reaper of Souls Hardcore is Doomed, Because Enraged Phantasms

    Re: Reaper of Souls Hardcore is Doomed, Because Enraged Phantasms I'm not a transient gamer. I've been playing the diablo series regularly since 1997. I don't want them nerfed to "satisfy me". I want them nerfed because their damage is disproportionately high for their difficulty. As I...
  10. Wolfpaq777

    Why comparing D2:LoD to D3:RoS makes no sense

    Hey there, I just wanted to talk for a bit on something that's been on my mind. A lot of the major complaints about D3, when compared to D2, boil down to a couple root causes: 1) D2 was very easy. There was no MP10. There was no T6. There was just hell difficulty, and that was fairly...
  11. Wolfpaq777

    A HATER plays The PTR

    while there are several things i dislike about d3 RoS loot, I have to say it's way better than what we have now. I just hope they can keep iterating and adding items that make builds work in interesting ways. I think my biggest complaint about loot 2.0 is that legendaries are basically rares +...
  12. Wolfpaq777

    Inventory Tetris might be partially solved Soon(tm).

    I used to think I missed inventory tetris until I gave PoE a few tries. No thanks. On topic, a crafting mat specific storage like gw2's would be awesome, especially with all the new legendary mats. One of my favorite things about that game was not having to worry ever about lugging craftings...
  13. Wolfpaq777

    New Reaper of Souls and D3 PTR Patch Notes

    I don't understand this criticism at all. Are you trying to contend that Barbs were not wildly overpowered for the entirety of D3V? If so, then you're trolling and I laugh at you. The entirety of the serious D3 community (serious meaning we pay attention, have spent some time gaining paragon...
  14. Wolfpaq777

    So let's discuss what makes a good ARPG

    You're welcome to disagree. My opinion, strengthened by years of experience, is that all ARPG storylines are more or less terrible, so paying attention to them only to be disappointed by them is an exercise in futility. haha I love this analogy. Me too. Something about it was simply...
  15. Wolfpaq777

    Reaper of Souls Bounty Split-Farming Remains

    I'm glad they are getting rid of monster power. You were right about it being a mess back then, and I frankly think it's still a mess now, what with the optimal paragon leveling strategy being skipping elites and spamming high MP decaying crypt games. I just hope they can get torment right...
  16. Wolfpaq777

    So let's discuss what makes a good ARPG

    Are people still complaining about D3's story? Repeat after me: I do not play arpgs for the story. Please write it on the board 25 times as punishment for making this redundant complaint. I have played practically every ARPG I could get my hands on since D1 made me love the genre. D2 & xpac...
  17. Wolfpaq777

    RoS Prep - What Should We Keep?

    Keep your infernal crafting mats... no reason to sell those. You'll need them if you plan to do any crafting from levels 1-69. Remember auction house is gone now so if you want to level a crusader you'll be entirely dependent on drops for upgrades. Having some inferno mats can help ease some...
  18. Wolfpaq777

    Reaper of Souls Bounty Split-Farming Remains

    I've maintained from the beginning that this is more a result of a skewed reward system than anything else. If monster drop rates were actually decent and we weren't so dependent on the goodie bag & blood shards to get upgrades then there would be no incentive to split farm. Instead we would...
  19. Wolfpaq777

    D2 player. Tons of questions about what has changed.

    1. Yes. Gold will always have value, even in RoS. 2. Craft anything that requires demonic essences & hellfire rings. Nothing else is worth crafting IMO. 3. Game options. First you have to enable it, then you can set it at game creation in the same place you change start quest. 4. Inna's...
  20. Wolfpaq777

    Help me decide between D2 and D3!

    If you've gone this long without playing D3, you might as well wait another 2 months and play when the xpac comes out. It's very much a fresh start for the game. Or as hardrock suggested, you could boot up the PTR and see how you like the changes.