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    Dupes already... Disappointing!

    Well that's why they should run an active rust storm on a regular basis. If it takes 3 days for bots to get a HR to dupe then they should run it every 3rd day. Dupe that, dupers. :)
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    4+ Years, my voice on Dupes and Rust Storm

    More Active Rust Storm Personally I think they should run active RS every night. No one is going to buy dupes if they're going to vanish that night. As far as I know they didn't run active rust storm at all over the last year of the last season (if they ever ran it). Let's let people who...
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    best item you've ever found playing lod

    I found a near-perfect 2 socket CoA. 2os, real high def, and perfect resist. Got it killing Pindleskin. Even though I didn't get as much as I thought on an auction (and it was actually resold a couple times on the forum -...
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    Dupes already... Disappointing!

    That's a shame that there are already mass dupings going on. Hopefully Blizzard will run Rust Storm on a regular basis to discourage it. I think they couldn't do it last season because it would have ticked off way too many people but this season the people paying for dupes having only been...
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    standard zealer build?

    A frost zealot is a good starting ladder char. You have to focus on getting weapons with CB to deal with immunes and you're gonna have problems bumping into CI/PI immunes in Hell if you don't have party members capable of handling those immunes. He's not capable of getting through the Uber or...
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    Level 75 sorc needs equipment - especially resistances. if

    I don't know what realm you play in but if I could get Shako's for a few pgems I'd immediately turn around and sell it for 1-2 HRs. Even when the East economy was healthy a 'crappy' Shako was still good for a Pul.
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    Level 75 sorc needs equipment - especially resistances. if

    DON'T trade that Skullders. If you're just starting back up and playing untweaked that's a great armor to give your merc. Then try (as often as possible) to sliver NM Baal/Meph and let your merc get the last swing in. That 100% MF bonus (on top of your bonus) will get the gear you need a lot...
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    how many damage for a dualdream sorc with 20 lighting mastery der=

    Actually with plus skills and a conviction infinity aura even the aura pulse of a dual-dream is pretty effective at killing normal non-LI monsters (not to mention what it does when I zeal-swing my Passion). It only takes 2 cycles for my sorc to kill act 1 guys and 3 or 4 to kill act 5 regular...
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    how many damage for a dualdream sorc with 20 lighting mastery der=

    Dual-Dream also works with a Blizzard build: It's a great build to play too. She's still probably my favorite build. Excellent at key runs and baal runs. Very expensive to get up to the level of doing Trist. I've been building her...
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    Many questions in D2 LoD (1.11)

    Can't Shadow Master trigger corpse explosion? That's extremely useful in Hell. My buddy uses a sin and loves his shadow master and warrior but I have no idea what levels/etc. you have to have. Post something in the Assassin forum and I'm sure you'll get plenty of help.
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    Stupid Question

    Perfect. Thanks. I know the odds on the cube recipes I just figured this'll let me decide if I'm gonna trade for a 4os eth thresher or just roll for it. Glitched armor I roll all the time but the only weapons I've ever cubed have been Matron/Matriarch bows and Phase Blades and coincidently...
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    Meph bug?

    There is and there isn't. The Andy bug is that she gives you the quest drop every time - regardless whether or not you have finished her quest. It's generally why she's considered worth MF running even though it usually takes a bit to get to her. The Meph Bug (and any other quest boss...
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    Stupid Question

    Stupid Question Everyone's entitled to one quick and easy ?, right? ;) Can you cube an eth weapon? I found an eth thresher and need 4 holes so Larzuk's worthless.
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    Best ice bow for merc?(act1)

    Thanks. I wasn't sure about that. I really disagree here. A shadow bow requires 188 dex. That's requires some very specific equipment if you want your merc to hit that while she's useful and for a measly 1/2 a point average damage I don't see the value over the Ward or Diamond bows...
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    Best ice bow for merc?(act1) That has the breakpoints. The weapon you choose should depend on the IAS gear you get her. Most people go with a great bow because it starts at -10 and also has a max of 4 sockets so you can Larzuk quest a sup. bow to get max...
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    I just DONT GET IT!

    Ooo. That's a nice one. I'm going to have to use that. I used a Harmony xbow and would summon a Valkrie (while shooting random people) when I was playing through Hell. But if you're playing completely untweeked your best bet it just to suit up your merc and whacking a few easy act 1 guys...
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    Many questions in D2 LoD (1.11)

    Trade values for runewords are relatively stable but the guide was written when uniques were more common than runewords because more people were MFing and fewer were duping. :) Also builds that have developed into the more popular char classes (fishymancer, 1-point smite uber pally, etc.)...
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    Equipment order on body pickup...

    Equipment order on body pickup... Anyone know the order equipment is picked up when you click on your horribly mangled dead body? I'm setting up a necro with min. str. requirements that will be pretty dependent on my armor getting picked up first and my shield being picked up last. I know...
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    Help with Twinked Leveling

    Since any char equipped with Sigons is a pretty good melee char I was thinking of using it and just meleeing until act 3. That way the people who groan when a necro jumps in an Act 2 game start cheering when he leads the way fighting through the Maggot Lair. Other than that I doubt I'd use it...
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    Help with Twinked Leveling

    Nice. Very helpful. Thank you much. As for why I'm not just getting a grush or other fast moving rush I actually enjoy learning how to play a character so I usually run myself tweeked for a good chunk of the game. Instead of trist/tomb/cow runs I'll do normal questing. It'll help...