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    B-Star or Azurewrath?

    B-Star or Azurewrath? Hi All: My Lvl ** Avenger found Azurewrath (I play SP) and I was wondering if you think that B-Star or Azurewrath is better for an Avenger. B-Star give slightly more damage (about 50 pts/hit) but Azurewrath has a way faster attack speed. Is the IAS from Azurewrath...
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    Ladder Items in SP?

    Re: Ladder Items in SP? Thank you both for the information. That is very interesting. I will the download because I would really like to have some of those ladder rune words.
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    Ladder Items in SP?

    Ladder Items in SP? I just started playing again after several years' away. I upgraded from V 1.09 to 1.12 and while doing a Countess run in Hell, she dropped a Nature's Peace ring. I thought that was only a Ladder item. She also dropped a Key of Doom on the next run. So my questions are...
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    Crafting Blood Rings

    Frosty_the_Snowman - Thanks, but I have been playing SP since getting PKed so much on realms. I lost my taste for people going hostile in what I thought were friendly games, so I am just trying to survive "solo". Thanks though. It was very nice of you to offer!
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    Crafting Blood Rings

    Thank you VERY much. That tells me what I needed to know! I still think that I could benefit from a good ring or amulet at that level to allow me to survive through Nightmare level until I can get some act bosses or superuniques to cough up unique items or runes to make some rune words.
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    Crafting Blood Rings

    Crafting Blood Rings I am totally new to crafting, and I want to craft a blood ring and a blood amulet. I am in Nightmare level, Act II with a level 39 Pally Avenger. My questions are: 1) How do I know what the Ilevel of magic rings and amulets are? How can I maximize the Ilevel where I am...
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    Movies/Series you wish never ended.

    Freaks and Geeks Start Trek: TNG
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    What In Nightmare could drop HoZ?

    Like Crazy Runner Guy, I got mine off of an armor rack in the dungeons under Kurast in NM. In fact, it happened twice in fairly short order, but I haven't seen one since then, even in Hell mode. I'd suggest to find an armor rack that seems to drop pretty high QLVL stuff, and then run it a...