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    Question (D1 Newbie)

    Re: Question (D1 Newbie) hi.. welcome to D1 first off, very important- find a big maul (or even axe) such as the Cranium Basher and smash the #$^& out of Helfire and scatter the ashes to the 4 corners of the globe. terrible terrible expansion. bnet isnt too bad, but if youre in it for the...
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    i have a question

    Re: i have a question from what Ive heard (from basically everyone whos tried D1 on Win7) is that it simply doesnt work. mixing diablo 1 with Win7 is like mixing peanut butter with soy sauce. the players who have attempted never really could get a fix from the looks of it. do you have a comp...
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    playing diablo 1

    Re: playing diablo 1 cool Im dualdragon lvl 50 sorc mostly in euro deu-1 but west for battles :D
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    whos interested in giveaway contests?

    whos interested in giveaway contests? Id like to get more interest in D1 and help out the newer players. I thought some easy contests would be nice. is there any interest? first item up would be a Royal Circlet (40ac +40mana +10stats +LR) probably the best unique in the game. lmk what you think
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    Playing this game the RIGHT way

    Re: Playing this game the RIGHT way I meant that to be an overstatement.. as if they can tele all day ;) but in truth yeah Warr is super low mana compared to anyone else.
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    first inde item

    first inde item maxed my Najs dur today, this is the first time Ive made an indestructible item.. pretty fun. try to break me now FIT :wave: what items do you guys have that are maxed?
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    Playing this game the RIGHT way

    Re: Playing this game the RIGHT way glad youre having fun with the warr! :D sounds like great improvements over what you used to do. you should really come and play with us on :) and yeah mana really defines the warr. this game = mana to a large extent. being able to telekill as FIT...
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    open challenge

    Re: open challenge good to hear you want to duel doom :) youll need a lot of lvls and gear before you can but its doable. what char is your highest/which one do you want to be dueling with?
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    open challenge

    open challenge I challenge you (see you.. no not you,him.. yeah) to a duel with dual. my sorc DualDragon wants to kill a few more people to make vids of so I told him Id post here :alright: lvl 47 arty.. trying to rush to 49 by nov 5 so better hurry ;) typical arty setup. I want...
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    My Let's Play of Diablo 1

    Re: My Let's Play of Diablo 1 yeah the one I randomly clicked on was pretty darn funny. he does just about everything wrong and runs around getting owned while saying funny things. I need to get some sound working so I can make some of DD in action with commentary. (duel analysis...
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    Ripple chat bot

    Re: Ripple chat bot can you make a vid of whats going wrong on your screen? I vaguely remember something like this but have no clue what I did..
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    First Naj's Drop

    Re: First Naj's Drop congrats :D still one of my fav items to this very day. still wearing it to this day as well of course :D what is your chars name...and what area are you playing in?
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    item farming

    Re: item farming the goal is to get a strong arty and go into norm diff. , hell tele all the way down to 15 just keep passing the monsters looking for the way down.. only stop if you see a unique monster. kill everyone in laz box. get the goodies there and then go down and clear all of 16. its...
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    New to D1, enlighten me! :D

    Re: New to D1, enlighten me! :D black deaths are the bright yellow zombies. if they hit you.... 1 hp lost .... for good :S bring the old warr to europe, then xfer his stuff to your new one. it can even have the same name.. Im there now.
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    New to D1, enlighten me! :D

    Re: New to D1, enlighten me! :D yep, messed up the mag with that Ornate shrine I think it would be.. that would be forever you wouldnt have to lose all your gear, just be in a game and drop the stuff, come back and give to the new guy, who would lvl fast :) youd need someone else in the game...
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    New to D1, enlighten me! :D

    Re: New to D1, enlighten me! :D since you are both starting out I would recommend a) playing together :D b) using an arty mage as it can be easier to get nice items and will speed up what you can get from the game. youll have more gear to put on the gear dependent guys and whatnot...
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    New to D1, enlighten me! :D

    Re: New to D1, enlighten me! :D good start. heres some pointers- the shrines... be careful of these. if you dont know what they do dont click on them. check an online list. the holy bolt spell (which youll be able to max down the road anyways) kills your mana for good. this is why I would...
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    cant get to diablo in normal

    Re: cant get to diablo in normal great! :D the royal circlet is probably the best unique in the game. not crazy rare but much harder than most uniques to pull in so thats fun.
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    Re: hmm.. if you go into the europe relm, it should say "diablo usa-1" change the usa to deu ... should work fine then. if not Im unsure of the problem :( rcbot helps me find games and can look back at whats been going on so I can catch msgs and whatnot.
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    cant get to diablo in normal

    Re: cant get to diablo in normal well I have small kings blade of haste you can have. you can use the shield slot to max your resistances and whatnot then. Id work on your magic big time. try to max it asap. youre right offensive spells will suck, but healing, teleport, stonecurse etc are...