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Jun 8, 2013
Jul 20, 2003
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Jun 8, 2013
    1. xpumafangx

      If you made a xbow bow using druid it can be done with a Buriza-Do Kyanon. But its only usefull mid lvl ranges for a sheild using werewolf. Any thing high lvl and you are just gimping your wolf.
    2. CrayonOfDoom
      Druid wolf guy, saw what yous aid on the build guide

      hey man, not sure if you get on a lot, just joined today.
      would like your help on how to build a wolf that's going to use some type of bow or crossbow :) thanks! let me know if you would like to help me. appreciate it.

    3. xpumafangx
      sorry I didnt post sooner.
    4. xpumafangx
      1. I prefer oak, If you want damage get a might merc.
      2. For weapons and item wise its going to be your problem werewolves tend to be expive no matter how you play them. Your weapon is all ways going to be your biggest problem. So I am going to show you how to pick weapons. The first thing to look at is the base speed of a weapon. Make sure its -10 to -30 After that you are going to want to have increased attack on the weapon the more the better. After that make sure the weapon has a high damage amount like in the 200%ed or higher. Basicly only use weapons that are extreamly fast. For werewolves a cruel phase blade of quickness with 2 sheals > cruel lendary mallet of quickness.

      I say you have a big battle ahead of you. I will root for you.
    5. NitecryXI
      Hi pumafang!

      I've just read ur coyote guide... just wanna say its excellent and I wanna ask a few questions as well:

      1) do u recommend HOW or Oak Sage if I play single player, untwinked?

      2) I dun hav access to high lvl rune words... yet... as I play untwinked, I gamble/pick up most of my items... that means I won't have a grief and an upped ribcracker has to be found... if I have a giant poleaxe that does like 400 max dmg... would this be viable for this build?

      I know u said the guide isn't meant to be expensive but I can't even afford a grief... will untwinked be fine?

      many thx again!!!
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