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Jun 6, 2017
Jun 21, 2003
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Nov 15, 1989 (Age: 29)
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Waterloo, Ontario but IRL Calgary
Eating cheese

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IncGamers Member, 29, from Waterloo, Ontario but IRL Calgary

TurbulentTurtle was last seen:
Jun 6, 2017
    1. Leiurus
      still want that Archon Plate?
    2. Uncle_Mike
      Happy Bday Turb ^^ Have a good one!
    3. Evrae Altana
      Evrae Altana
      I think you're great too.
      1. BobCox2 likes this.
    4. KuroKenkaku
      You should offer your 40% GF GC to Planqi, he is looking for GF stuff.
    5. Dennis_KoreanGuy
      turtle man, you still around? :)
    6. BobCox2
      You can't see the solved cube in the vid posted.
      too bad it was dropped off screen.
    7. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Ken, im sorry. my MSN really did freeze and i had to re-start it. poke me so we can finish what we were talking about please. i love you! take care! <3
    8. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      hey, my **** just bugged out on me. restarting and will be back as soon as i can. love you! <3
    9. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      wtf time is it over in HK right now? it's noon where im at. XXDD how ya been, my drunk little turtle? ^_^
    10. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      LMAO!!!! Ken, im on MSN right now. poke me whenever. ^_^ love and miss you too. ;) :****
    11. calid
      hey i traded my pul for
      leviathan and highlords i think
      but forgot to tell you if i could get any rep
      so if you get a chance please rep me
    12. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Swinging Shart Kick (aka SSK): a kick in which one jumps high enough in the air to get his/her arse in front of the enemy's face, one kick to the head/face, sharts, second kick to the head/face. Enemy is now blinded and has runny shiza on their face AND is dazed from the powerful kicks to the head. it is a move that made me think of you if i were to make a fighting game and that was that one char's combo move. XD thing is, what should i name him? Turtle? Your last name? what do you think?

      and if i build another char for Pathfinder, im going to make him after you and he will have the SSK. :D

      <333333333333333 miss you. ^_^
    13. DoW Fanatic
      DoW Fanatic
      Where u iz nub?!! The free NL rush is right now. :P
    14. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      hey. idk what happened on MSN. it froze my comp and then bumped me off. im sorry! :( poke Dredd sometime. i really do feel he misses you. and MUCH GOOD LUCK on your exam!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*
    15. Kiba
      Boooooop .
    16. CoolDarkDragon
      Have you ever noticed that your avatar plunges almost exactly to the beat of Harder Better Faster Stronger?
    17. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      this made me think of you..... and yes, i did lol for about five minutes. ^_^ i hope you like this!!! :D :D :D

    18. SonataArctica
      Happy day of birth, sir. May you see many more.
    19. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      OMG!!!!! i didn't realize! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TURBY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss and love you!!!!!!! ^_^ hope you have had an awesome day so far with cake!!!!!!!! ^_^ eeeee!!!! happy bestest bday!!! ^_^
    20. KremBanan
      Happy bday Turtle!
      1. BobCox2 likes this.
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    Nov 15, 1989 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    Waterloo, Ontario but IRL Calgary
    Eating cheese
    LOD - USWest Std
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    • PC
    • GBA
    I like doing non-boring things

    Drumming, pen spinning, music...


    Woot for pen spinning! New video. Official Level 4 Orphan Fanboy

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