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Aug 20, 2013
Feb 4, 2008
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USEast Trade Moderator, from Wisconsin

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Aug 20, 2013
    1. NewGame
      Hey Chuck! Long time no see I;m back after a long long break again!
      I took your Account name LoveofPain Because I saw it was not in use on east anymore, GOMENASAI !!!
    2. blenderr
      I am sorry for illegally bumping.
      I've never used the multiple quote function before...

      PS: When am I allowed to open a new thread to continue trading?
    3. fwing
      whoa, i just noticed.. mod! nice!
    4. fwing
      i might start up again for fun. no item help, just using what i find, etc. i forget the term for that.

      anyway, just wanted to drop you a line. let me know what's up with you and how you're doing!
    5. fwing
      yoyo blast from the past. things are going great over here. i haven't really been doing ANY online gaming for the past bit at all since i moved here. i still follow professional starcraft but don't actually play much. my area of japan wasn't affected by the tsunami/earthquake which is good, but i'm currently inside because of a typhoon and decided to boot some ol' games up.

      at my prime i had like 20 accounts for d2 and at the time i was like 'well, i play this game 18 hours a day, there's no way i'd forget them' and whaddya know i end up forgetting almost all of them. i think they were erased by the server anyway.. i thought they expire after 90 days only if someone makes an account/character of the same name to replace your existing character? anyway, all my stuff is gone. i don't really regret it though.. if anything, i regret being too lazy to make a giant giveaway thread where i gave away my awesome stuff. such is life, though.
    6. tradinfool
      I see that many people dont know how to use the shortcut for giving feed back from a trade. This is only available if you have already received feedback from the other person. In your own feedback page there is a yellow icon to the right of the message that the other person had left for you. If you click on that button it will short cut you to give feedback to that person, very easy. And the further added benefit this has it after you have done that, the icon will now be grey, thus indicating that you have provided feedback back to the trade partner.

      The further added benefit is that others can look at your trade page and see that you are kind enough to provide feedback to others you have traded with.
      But this doesn't work if both parties send the feedback independently, then the icon will always be yellow .
    7. JArmour
      Hey..... um .... where have you been.... and are you gonna be playing this new ladder?
    8. fwing
      mr. tradinfool. it's been a while. how u been? ahah
    9. NewGame
      Ha Im thinking About giving Single Player a shot on these forums Looks to me though like it may be a little complicated in the trading department though >.< But I'm sure ill manage lol
      Oh by the way How did you like that Perf. SC spirit i made on my necro lol
    10. DeathXMagi
      Hey I'm online right now just log on and add 1s3xy1.
    11. NewGame
      20 pgems awaiting your Masteries GC'S :)
    12. psychosin
      you still want that mav set? im online right now
    13. Ignalus
      Hi, I did you still have that eth 5os glorious axe ft? I saw your post in that one thread, but it didn't seem clear if you had traded it away. I would be very glad to offer you a mal or more for it :)

      **my apologies, I didn't read that you are on USEast! Please ignore!**
    14. Ray The Soda Guy
      Ray The Soda Guy
      You think after all this time you would have at least one message in here. Huh. go figure.
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