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Jun 27, 2006
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IncGamers Member, Male

    1. IncubatorJones
      Nowhere special, just visiting parents for a couple of weeks. Never really been into going abroad for a holiday for some reason.
    2. IncubatorJones
      We have a saying: "Summer in Finland is short and there's very little snow"

      Not the warmest of places but it's been 25C++ for days, and I'm on holiday atm :jig: What's up with you?
    3. IncubatorJones
      PoE is in open beta now, did you try it already? Downloading a patch atm, it's going really slow :S

      Edit: Played for a couple levels, it was fun, reminded me of D2. Let me know when you can play.
    4. IncubatorJones
      I might be pretty busy next year too, but I'll certainly try it. Yeah, the lakes are frozen already, it's nice to throw frisbee now with the dog on them. Talking of cross-country experiences, I bought a danish pipe for myself for christmas! Haven't had a chance to try it yet, it looks like a great smoker. P.S. I'll PM you my adress so you can send me lots and lots of gifts.
    5. IncubatorJones
      Still excited about PoE? Open beta should start this month, I'll have to give it a go again. Edit: Open beta 23rd of January!
    6. IncubatorJones
      Yeah I still have an account, but all the chars are going to be deleted once it goes public. I'm not sure, but once it goes public they won't delete anything anymore. I don't think they've explicitly said so, but that's how it usually is.

      I did enjoy it alot when I played, I think I got so lvl ~40. I don't even know what the max level is though :D And the orbs and whatnot were really great and useful. The passive tree is a bit daunting at first, but I got the hang of it pretty soon. I prefer a complex system anyway with loads of choises. What are these leagues? I guess I need to start reading some more too
    7. IncubatorJones
      I don't think the requierements are going to be too bad. Just don't buy a potato and you'll run it just fine. Give me a shout if/when you start playing and I'll join you.
    8. IncubatorJones
      I haven't been really keeping up with it since I played. I saw what the endgame is though, those maps look really cool. I hope the open beta would start already. *sigh* Are you going to try it out then?
    9. IncubatorJones
      No one's perfect, I can understand if people get carried away. But really, I don't think Brevik was harsh at all in that interview. I don't see anything that would justify that kind of a response. He basically just said that he'd done some things differently and Blizzard gets all butthurt about it and start calling him names. "Loser" who created the damn Diablo series in the first place. And that one guy saying "don't worry, you made the fastest selling PC game". 100% of that can be attributed to D1 and 2 being so awesome. I feel like punching someone. Where's that puppy gone now...?
    10. IncubatorJones
      You're catching up on a good time, just have a read:

      Have to say, I was pondering whether to buy it after reading about the new uniques. But after this.. Think I'll just continue voting with my wallet, I'm not going to give my money to children.

      Still playing Median XL, managed to coax JJ to join me. We're starting untwinked next wednesday, wanna join? Yeah there was, I'm going to wait until the beta goes public, I think after it does your characters won't be deleted. No point in starting again now if chars are going to last ~month or two.
    11. IncubatorJones
      There have D2 item shop ads sometimes, I guess you missed those. That's where I got all my gogu stuff! But in all seriousness, those ads don't come directly from this site, I think it's somehow handled through some ad firm I guess.

      So what's up?
    12. IncubatorJones
      Only 5 days? Mine is, let's see.. Almost 3 months :D Going somewhere abroad?
    13. IncubatorJones
      Yeah, it's been a dissapointement in many ways. Mostly about the items, they suck. And Diablo has always been an item game, surprised how the managed to screw that up. Ah well, PoE is going to be in open beta soon, I'll give it another try then. You should too!

      Edit: Mmmmm coffee and doughnuts. I love mornings :D
    14. IncubatorJones
      Yeah, I've liked it so far. There is alot of things on that mod where I think why wasn't it in regular D2 already.

      No D3 for me, there is alot of things I don't agree on. I don't think I'll ever get it.. *sigh* Oh well, ice cream soon!
    15. IncubatorJones
      Reported for spam.

      What's up? I've started playing Median XL, should give D2 another 10 years :D
    16. Groo
    17. IncubatorJones
      You should post your pass on my wall, that way you could never lose it
    18. IncubatorJones
      I'm talking about JJ, he's my pet
    19. JippJupp
      Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a great holiday
    20. IncubatorJones
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