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Steven Q Urkel
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May 21, 2016
Dec 16, 2004
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Dec 26, 1980 (Age: 36)

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Steven Q Urkel

IncGamers Member, 36, from

Steven Q Urkel was last seen:
May 21, 2016
    1. Steven Q Urkel
      Steven Q Urkel
      Yeah, 1.09b is the one with the h4xX players 64. I guess Blizz might have left it in for 1.09c, but I really doubt it. :p
    2. nulio
      oooh :( 1.09b is only one with p64 right?
    3. nulio
      Hey there!

      How's everything?

      Do you have 1.09b pally gear that you could trade/lend me?
    4. nulio
      Thanks :D

      Sent the runes.

      Hammers and Maggot Lair don't go well with each other ^^ Always booooring
    5. nulio
      Baaah installed 1.10s but it's not working... it gives an error whenever I tried to create or load a character. ATMA IV also fails to load any 1.10s character.


      If I send you 1.07 runes could you make the CM in the sword you gave me? (I'll delete the stash you sent me)

      Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I have no idea what It could be and no patience to clean install everything for more testing...

      1.07 has been nicer now, some nice items dropped so far.
    6. nulio
      I got your mail with the stash.

      The plan is to make CM with some runes I have left and then send it to horseheadnebula since I owe him one. Let me know if it's OK to you me doing that with the base you gave me :)

      Being playing 1.07... only cr*p so far... :(
    7. nulio

      Unfortunately I don't have anything from your ISO :(

      jcml -dot- pt -at- gmail -dot- com

      Many thanks :D
    8. nulio
      Awesome! :D

      Thanks for the test.

      Anyway, let me know when will you need the HS base.

      What do you ask for the PB?
    9. nulio

      If you didn't test it already could youtry to unsocket and remake a RW in 1.10s and check if it works fine in 1.13d and gomule. Basically what I might try later with beta CtAs if I get the energy to HF rush a lot.
    10. nulio
      Nice :)

      Can you also check if both gomule and diablo 1.13 can open a RW unsocketed and then done, both times in 1.10s?
    11. nulio
      I got this from jimsfriend and I'm not sure if I'm going to make more beta CtA so it's yours:

      War Scepter
      One-Hand Damage: 10 to 17
      Durability: 56 of 70
      Required Strength: 55
      Required Level: 24
      Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
      Item Version: Expansion
      Item Level: 87
      Fingerprint: 0x5f94f084
      +3 to Holy Shield (Paladin Only)
      150% Damage to Undead

      If I do decide to make more CtA can you test with Strength runeword if we can Hel it, make new roll (both in lvl 1 mule with cube) and forward it to 1.13d? (avoiding the ATMA IV not opening it)
    12. nulio
      I got a beta CM in a giveaway but since I owe horseheadnebula one so I still need to make one. :)
    13. nulio
      Sure, let me know when you are back ;)
    14. nulio
      I would be glad to send you a 3HS base, jimsfriend gave me some.

      And since I would only need to use a beta CtA in 1.13d if you unsocket the fail one I can use it later.
    15. nulio
      Thanks, I'll look it :)

      So which D2's patch has getting more attention from you these days?
    16. nulio
      No problem :) Yeah It's broken ^^

      In what version the cube socketing was introduced? Since the goal is 1.10s CM maybe cube can be used?

    17. nulio
      Hey there :)

      How's everything?

      Do you have a 1.09/10 3os PB?
    18. frozzzen
      Also happy belated B-day. Hope it was good one :)

      EDIT: Did I say I'm envious of your hax armor of hax? >_>

      EDIT 2: Druid is buffed from CtA/Spirit switch always. Then I get Dweb/faceted shield from stash after BO buff.
    19. frozzzen
      I gave her enough dex for maxblock ofc :) Funny things, those druids. You are planning one for PvP? Then 93 is enough to have everything you need, and 96 is for those that really love druids and want those last couple points that will never be useful :D


      Unfortunately there are some glaring gaps in my setup, like that darn fire ress that is impossible to max. I can do it with my eth tomby (47 allress) and swapping 3 life/cold ress charms for life/fire ress. Since coldsorcs negate my CR anyway, having those charms is moot point, but I didn't like to put fire ress ones for screenie :) Fire ress would be 51 total. With tomby it's maxed easy, but maxblock is pretty important. Fire sorcs aren't that common.

      Invisible stats: 0% DS :( 43-50% DR, 50 fhr, 65 - 165 FRW, depending how much I need, but 105 is standard, 47-48k Rabies dmg switch with -71 enemy PR. Life varies from 8.5 - 10k depending on setups etc.
    20. nulio
      Oh, Happy Birthday then also :D
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