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Dec 16, 2018 at 1:12 AM
Jun 21, 2003
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Dec 16, 2018 at 1:12 AM
    1. Turbojugend
    2. XinKaishu
      Hey Rushster! I am a member (JANUS #1168) of INC2 clan in EU. I started getting alerts from Elly saying they are accepting people to original INC clan.

      The roster of INC2 only has 8 or 10 people, none have logged in recently.

      I am a bit clueless about what's going on and would really appreciate if you could fill me in. Is there a reconfiguration of clans? How can I switch to an active Incgamers clan? Tnx,
    3. DaveTheBrave
      Hey Rushster, I donated yesterday to become 'pal' and get early podcast access/ad removal. It's not working. Can I get any help? TIA!
    4. Wasserman
    5. Diab
      Just wanted to say, thanks a ton for fixing up the front page! Can scroll much easier now!
    6. ZERonl
      nevermind sorry for the inconvience.
    7. BeccaZerg
      Just wanted to say Hi, This is Zergling from SCW and leord recomended that I join here it looks a really good site alot larger than SCW though but all good.
      Anyway I hope all is well

      I have sent you a friendship request as well on here as well as SCW.

      Anyway I hope you have a good day anyway.
    8. Kiba
      Cool new avatar you got goin there buddy.
    9. Immelmann
      Hello there Rushter, I just want to say: Keep up the awsome work you're doing, loving it. But the bottom line for this message is because the blogs seems not to work for me, I've been trying to create my own here on for quite some time now and I can only imagine it has to do with the change of the adress (from > and the php files has not yet fully been edited on the blog section, I can't access the spots (such as User CP) or log in at the blog page (I have to go thru the Forum, then to the blogs and then I get another dead end with missing files or bad adresses). I've cleared my cache multipple times and removed all cookies just to be sure, I also tried in Internet Explorer and still no better result (using Fire Fox 3.0). So I can only assume that there is a problem somewhere, I don't know if you're aware of it or working on it, I can only take my duty as a member of the community and tell you what I found.

      - Immelmann
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