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Dec 1, 2016
Jun 16, 2009
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Atlanta, GA

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IncGamers Member, from Atlanta, GA

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Dec 1, 2016
    1. nulio
      Hi there

      "I rolled an 11/5 Amber SC of Inertia (will post ATMA readout if any interest) in 1.09. Any idea if there would be any interest in that? (Though I am perfectly happy putting it to use on one of my own characters)"

      I didn't want to spam much the price check thread, but I'd love a charm like that. I've traded a 7lr and 8lr ones but I'd say that a perfect one would have a different price. If you are interested to trade it, if you want tell me your ISO and we can see if we reach a trade.

      "Nothing that's not currently in use, but I'm actively MFing in 1.09, and I always pick up SCs, so one could drop."

      In 1.08 I was lucky and in the two 5FRW SCs I found, one had 3maxdmgXXAR. Just to see if I should go heavy on 1.09, did you find/roll many?

    2. cheerupemokid10
      My e-mail is jpreediii (at) gmail (dot) com for all of the tourney stats and what not this time around. Planning on using the same table and scoring as last time I assume with another dedicated thread?

      If you're still up for parting ways with any goods I'll gladly send them back your way whenever I find a copy of my own. And if you're still interested in using the full sets, that IK armor hasn't gotten any use from me yet and probably won't be for any time in the near future.

      Hopefully we won't be loners this time around for some added competition.
    3. cheerupemokid10
      People are seeming to be extra grumpy and rude on the forums as of late. I hope that your wolf endeavors turn out well in the end. And no matter what you make out of your runes I'm sure it will be amazing. I wish I had more play time to be able to get some runes like that myself.

      Still no luck on the WF? I haven't finished my Sanctadin yet to run Pindle for the rest of my life so I haven't found one either.
    4. ioupainmax
      I'm waaaay behind you on the Grail front! Here is my 1.09 Flavie
      Yours looks really good! Good luck on that Windforce
    5. ioupainmax
      Ah ok - I should just trust the master of 1.09 that is you!
    6. ioupainmax
      Yeah, although I wanted to get an ISO of the CD as it is quite old now and I don't want to damage it - but last I tried, I couldn't get it to work. Do you use the CD?

      Also, I do like Goldstrike Arch and Eaglehorn, good bows, never got a Windforce in 1.09 though. I was under the impression that Multi was better in 1.09 but I haven't really looked into it, just going off my memory of 1.09 days!
    7. ioupainmax
      Hey, how is your 1.09 Flavie looking? I was considering playing some 1.09 if I can find my CD.
    8. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Thanks - that's exactly what I needed. Sent you a follow-up email. :D
    9. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Hi RobbyD! I was hoping you'd offer me some of your expertise on how to best level a Sorceress and Druid to level 99 in 1.09. :) Tips, suggestions, builds, anything!

      Cheers. :)
    10. Mungojerry
      Hi RobbyD! Hope your continued 1.10s(?) adventures are going well, I was really enjoying reading up on your 1.09 endeavors :)

      I was just wondering.. Your profile pic, where is that from? It's kinda funny. Also front dude looks exactly like a friend of mine.
    11. ioupainmax
      Congrats on your Vex!!! Also Griswold's Valor - your 1.09 Flavie is looking pretty good!
    12. pedrobb
      So what is the best option of weapon? (Holy Freeze Paladin
    13. ioupainmax
    14. ioupainmax
      You're right - the Arreat Summit is wrong! Maybe they had slight changes or something. I will fix mine and send it to you in a bit!

      I should really stop trying to correct you - I just end up looking like an idiot!
    15. ioupainmax
    16. ioupainmax
      Hey dude, how's it going?

      I was wondering if a 1 point Frozen Arrow is useful for a 1.09b Burizon? (the one from my post you responded to)

      I ask this because I am considering getting a beefy Valkyrie and dumping as many points as possible into it. I only really need it to freeze enemies and to tackle FI/PI (thanks to your tip about the 1 point Fire Arrow! - which is awesome) I know you said that you preferred FA and that the Valkyrie won't get much use but I just wanted to see if it was viable as maxing FA would make this Amazon very much like my Fishyzon in 1.12a and that = big mana hog!!
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