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Feb 22, 2013
Feb 1, 2008
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Jul 28, 1989 (Age: 28)
Meph runs :D, LK runs, Pit runs, etc...

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IncGamers Member, 28, from Lithuania

Pijus was last seen:
Feb 22, 2013
    1. needcounsellor
      hi there, i searching through the thread and i noticed that you own a Ravenlore and thats what i am looking for "urgently" right now, do your mind trade it away for Pgems or maybe some runes? thank you very much!
    2. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Heh, not sure. I saw you/FE/dune got a head start in one of the dailies, so I figured you guys already went ahead. :d
    3. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Rawr, giraffe.

      Looks like we'll have a merry squad of Spartans if this ever kicks up. And yes, I'll be buying a headset/microphone if you guys really want to hear my sexy voice during the wee hours of night. Sorry about the full inbox btw, try [email protected] instead.

      Inbox contains 11 messages.
      You have 11 messages stored, of a total 10 allowed.

      Blasted purples can actually bypass the 10/10 limit, not sure how. :D
    4. Pijus
      Did I post in my own visitor message page when I meant to post in omg's?

    5. Fast Eddie
      Fast Eddie
      Eddy from Steam has TQIT, so that might be five of us.
    6. Pijus
      I highly recommend getting a microphone. It multiplies fun. I got word from dune today, and he said he's considering getting TQ so there might be 4 of us. Right now we're waiting for FE to come back so we can have some drunk and sleep deprived MP(D2 HC untwinked).

      I'll PM you my skype name.

      I really like this method of chatting, since it doesn't require me to clean my inbox every 5 messages.
    7. omgwtfbbqpwned
      If you and FE do decide to do some TQ MP, I'll be happy to log onto Steam a lot more frequently. Skype too, but I don't have a working microphone.
    8. Pijus
      Yeah, it says that you haven't logged on for 13 days :D

      I don't have MSN. But I do have Skype. In fact, me and Eddie(and sometimes dune) talk on Skype when MPing. Man, those were the days...
    9. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I rarely log onto Steam, and the only time I really do is when I'm playing Company of Heroes, which is on a different account I bought off someone else. ;D

      I rarely buy games off Steam, unless the occasion calls for it. I <3 boxes. If you have MSN, that might work.
    10. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Excellent! I'm pirate_yar on Steam, but I am not sure how that is relevant to our (hopefully) soon to be (non-sexual) threesome.

      I am GMT-5, but I awake from 9am to 3am (4pm to 10pm your time?) on most days.
    11. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Thanks. I guess that's a no from you? :(

      (The sad face = guilt tactics).
    12. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Hey Pijus, a question. What's the relationship between Titan Quest and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne? Is it the same as Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD, where playing LoD is pretty much playing the original as well (so you might as well just play LoD and skip the original), or is it worth playing through both?

      Cheers, just bought Titan Quest Gold so I'm wondering which one to kick up first. :p

      [edit] Oh, and if you and FE would, for the sole sake of me, like to ditch whatever awesome games you two are currently playing and go for a few MP rounds with me, that would be awesome. :)
    13. Liquid_Evil
      "@Liq: and I'm gonna name my dog Courage Wolf."

      Ha! Awesome, I wish I had thought of that. (I just read that today, hence the belated response.) How far did you get into Torchlight? I'm behind the times, but picked it up in late November and have had heaps of fun with it.
    14. omgwtfbbqpwned
      .. initiating download. =D
    15. omgwtfbbqpwned
      .. are you saying The Witcher has blue aliens? Blue alien femmes? What console? :d
    16. NagisaFurukawa
      Answering your question from the daily, I'm technically East Asian immigrant to United States, but I now consider myself fully "Americanized", if you do not mind the term.
    17. Liquid_Evil
      Courage wolf for life!!11 ;)
    18. sorcererbob
      *sigh* this isn't a PM. But you're a rad dude :)
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    Jul 28, 1989 (Age: 28)
    Meph runs :D, LK runs, Pit runs, etc...
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    Barbarian (D2)
    I like d2 :D



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