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Nov 15, 2018 at 6:37 PM
    1. MeSaber
    2. BobCox2
      Thanks Again for the sharing the knowledge.
    3. xXxGrimmxXx
      You totally melted my brain with your Intellitalk of Lightning Velocity.. I feel like someone just explained to me why Light travels at x Speed, in the most complicated of terms. Braingasm +1
      1. onderduiker
        Thanks for liking my post!
        Aug 17, 2014
    4. onderduiker
      Thanks for the heads-up, and for seconding my nomination! :)
    5. BobCox2
      Hi - check out the SPiFies this year.
    6. onderduiker
      Okay, I can confirm the following:

      1. Socket a helm with + Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level) with a % Enhanced Damage Jewel and according to the character screen its % ED only applies to minimum damage.

      However, this is only true for the actual damage of a melee attack: that of a ranged attack is as expected, with its % ED applying to both minimum and maximum damage (targets were killed by a single hit that couldn't have been if it only applied to minimum damage).

      2. Socket it with a % ED and + Maximum Damage Jewel and the results are the same as for a % ED Jewel.

      3. Socket it with a % ED and + Minimum Damage Jewel and according to the character screen its % ED applies to neither minimum nor maximum damage. This is actually true for both melee and ranged attacks.

      So far it looks as though the bug does not apply to the actual damage of ranged attacks as long as the items only apply % ED and + Minimum or Maximum Damage (but not both).
    7. onderduiker
      1. I don't play or investigate earlier patches of the game, so unfortunately I can't answer this question since there are no items with positive % Target Defense in 1.10+. Given that -25% Target Defense used to set target defense to -25% but now reduces it by 25% (75% target defense), I'd be concerned that 15% Target Defense with no minus sign might add 15% (115% target defense) when brought forward.

      2. Only weapons have + Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level) in 1.10+, but I've been meaning to investigate this bug so I can investigate this at the same time (I've seen various threads about it, but while I've seen summaries I don't remember seeing any detail on how those were derived). I should be able to do it by the end of this week.
    8. frozzzen
      Need expert opinion once again :)

      +30 to Life
      +25% Enhanced Defense
      +2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
      15% Target Defense
      +1 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
      +43 to Maximum Damage (0.5 per Character Level)

      Those are mods of 1.07 Areat's face. I have two questions.

      1. In 1.07 it's said that 15% target defense works in way that it sets target defense to 15% (like -85% target defense in a way). I don't know if there is any item in 1.10+ that had mod like this but I don't think there is any. All I know that Eth rune still has -25% target defense mod in 1.07 and not just "25% target defense", and it's showed same way in ATMA as well.
      So if we bring forward item would it keep that mod (sets enemy deff to 15%)?

      2. Would 0.5 dmg/lvl mod interfere with standard maxdmg/ed bug like with jewels? For example, if I put 40 ed jool in helm would dmg get messed up per usual bug?

      Tnx for your time. Also tnx about advice with Hellmouth gloves. Never would have remembered those things.
    9. onderduiker
      Happy New Year to you too. :)
    10. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Happy new year, fellow human. :)
    11. onderduiker
      No, Critical Strike will only ever double the physical damage of Freezing Arrow's arrow. However, since CS is applied before conversion of physical damage to cold damage, it will double Cold Arrow's converted cold damage.
    12. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Freezing Arrow and Critical Strike - Critical Strike (if it triggers) will double FA's cold damage if the arrow hits?
    13. onderduiker
      This came up in the Fool's and Whirlwind topic in the Amazon Basin's Technical Discussion forum last January: I don't recall the details, but I think it was found that Whirlwind doesn't switch weapons until the current primary weapon hits, which means chance-to-hit is much more heavily influenced by the weapon with the lowest chance-to-hit. I'd have to refresh my memory, though.

      I don't know how (or if) WSM bugging applies to Whirlwind, but it's something I've been wondering about myself so I'll probably look into it shortly.
    14. frozzzen
      Hey. Your wall looks like useful place :) I've been looking for answer to this question over many threads but I never managed to find answer.

      When dual wielding weapons with whirlwind, how does attack rating works? I'm asking this cause when I check LCS, only primary weapon AR is displayed for WW. I'm curious if WW checks AR independently, or it just takes AR of primary weapon and uses it for secondary weapon also?

      Pic for example.
      On *normal* attack, every claw has independent AR, but for WW it displays only primary claw AR. Also, would WSM bugging affect whirlwind AR in any way? I mean in way that only one AR source would be used for both claws.
    15. onderduiker
      No, IAS on the secondary claw doesn't apply.
    16. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Thanks for the answers! Also for the link to the tables... AB is such an amazing resource. :)

      And would IAS on the off-claw matter? Say I have a 'Chaos' Suwayyah / Rare Suwayyah with 20 IAS. Would it be:

      2. 49 - 0 = 49 EIAS ; 49 EIAS = 83 IAS ; 83 - 35 - 20 = 28 IAS
    17. onderduiker
      Sorry, somebody moved the conversion tables to the Attack rate page.

      EIAS = floor ( (120*IAS) / (120+IAS) )

      IAS = ceiling ( (120*EIAS) / (120-EIAS) )

      Although the attack speed calculator doesn't include Zeal for claws it does so for Barbarians with two weapons, and WSM used is the average of the two: this doesn't make a difference when equipping two Runic Talons since (-30 + -30) / 2 = -30 WSM, but it would be better to equip a Runic Talon with the Suwayyah since (0 + -30) / 2 = -15 WSM whereas two Suwayyahs is only 0 WSM.

      1. 49 -30 = 19 EIAS ; 19 EIAS = 23 IAS

      2. 49 - 0 = 49 EIAS ; 49 EIAS = 83 IAS ; 83 - 35 = 48 IAS

      3. 49 -15 = 34 EIAS ; 34 EIAS = 48 IAS ; 48 - 35 = 13 IAS

      Burst of Speed or Fanaticism can reduce EIAS required, which will in turn reduce IAS required.
    18. omgwtfbbqpwned
      One is a plain Runic Talons, no IAS. The other is a Suwayyah, with 20 IAS.

      Thanks for the table. Could you refresh my memory on how I work out the EIAS with 2x claws, especially since the link to the "EIAS conversion chart" doesn't work? Also, why would the WSM of the secondary claw matter? :o


      [edit] I found this:

      EIAS --> IAS conversion formula:
      EIAS = (120*IAS)/(120+IAS)

      IAS --> EIAS conversion formula:
      IAS = (120*EIAS)/(120-EIAS)

      It works? :) If so, I guess all I need to know now is why the WSM of the secondary claw matters. :\

      I'll be doing Bartuc's/Runic Rare and 'Chaos' Suwayyah/Suwayyah Rare.

      [edit2] Would I be right in saying:

      1. I need 22 IAS (not sure if WIAS or OIAS or any works) to hit 5/5/5/5/9 for Bartuc's/Runic Rare.
      2. I need 16 IAS to hit 5/5/5/5/9 for the 'Chaos'/Rare Suwayyah.
    19. onderduiker
      What's the WSM of the secondary claw supplying the Zeal charges?

      Based on the Amazon Basin wiki's Zeal Attack Speed Tables page, maximum claw attack rate should be as follows:

      49 EIAS: 5/5/5/5/9
      51 EIAS: 5/5/5/5/8
      70 EIAS: 5/5/5/5/7
    20. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Hi again. :) A bit of a special request this time, so no hard feelings if you don't have the time to answer it. ^^

      Level 4 Zeal, 30/30 Charges. I'm using a secondary claw with such an affix on an Assassin. Her main claw will be:
      1. Upped Bartuc's Cut-Throat (WSM = -30)
      2. 35 IAS 'Chaos' Suwayyah (WSM = 0)

      In both cases, how much IAS do I need to hit 4/4/4/4/Don't Care Zeal?
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