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Jun 7, 2009
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    1. jdkerr
      Clear your inbox!

      Merry Christmas! Yeah, no time for playing D2 these days; I drop by the forum sometimes. Things are going well. The applications to doctorate programs are almost all sent off, so now begins the long wait. My wife is doing well -- baking up a storm, most of the time. What's new for you?
    2. jimsfriend
      now it's empty
    3. jdkerr
      It's going well enough, but way too hot -- often over a hundred. How are things going there?
    4. NagisaFurukawa
      Wait. HOW did you steal Lo + Ohm for that trash? >_>
    5. jdkerr
      Everything is going quite well. The only less-than-stellar dimension of life right now is crappy internet -- good enough to check email, look at the forums, etc., but totally impossible to PvP. How are things on your end?
    6. TopHatCat64
      Hello there Nulio,

      I'm currently working on two different tanks. They're basically variations on my "overstack resists and dr%" tank build I used with my wolfbarb, except I'm taking 2 different angles. Both builds are a lot of the same gear as the wolfbarb, as well.

      Build 1 is a taunt/conc barb. Build 2 is a zealot with a less conventional setup. I'm keeping the details on that guy under wraps until I can put together gear.

      They're both 2 new additions in my experiments with effective tanking.

      As for PvP, eh...not really my thing. HC is more likely at this point. I might go that way once I finish these guys.

      How's it going with you?
    7. Gripphon
      That's me alright!
    8. janooo
      Happy New Year nules!
      (check mail also)
    9. jimsfriend
      HC :loving:
    10. jimsfriend
      back on the forum, yeah. also playing a bit. managed to corrupt my 1.07 install and too lazy to fix it, so building a windy from scratch in 1.10a zzz. should be safe enough. tried army Neuro and he kills way to slow in he'll with carp gear and some mobs he can't kill at all. can't even consistently do Andy hence the windy. not going to try fire sort due to no skillers or ct, windy at least gets oak sage. goal of course is bkwb. do you talk to rub or know someone with an mq editor? I know some beta runewords are different, but have never heard anything about the uniques new in 1.10. since it is the beta maybe some of them are imbalanced like the runewords and maybe spirit keeper shadow plate is enabled :D would be pretty sick.
    11. NagisaFurukawa
      nulio robbing nubs left and right is truly a sight to behold.
    12. Greebo
      Good to see you too.

      Yeah, I've spent a few hours browsing d3 forums and I haven't seen something that'd really draw my attention yet. I'll probably fire up d2 and have some fun instead.
    13. janooo
      Hey, no problem nules :) I was going to write you a mail to not wait for me because I didn't have much time in the past few days.
      Too bad it didn't ended up above average roll though :(
    14. janooo
      Congrats on MFO victory dude!

      nulio will henceforth be known as Pindle slayer :highfive:
    15. Steven Q Urkel
      Steven Q Urkel
      Sorry main, I only have 1.09d installed. I don't have any 1.09b loot stuffs. :(
    16. maxicek
      Hi nulio, I have been doing a bit of D3. I'm not sure at the moment, I'm kind of hoping that later difficulties or patches will make it more interesting. Some things I like, others (like the linearity and itemisation) I hate.

      Not sure about an ISO at the moment, I have been on holiday so haven't thought about D2 or 3 for two weeks. I'll have a think.

      Are you interested in a bit of PvP next week?
    17. janooo
      Your pm box is full. Sent mail :)
    18. Steven Q Urkel
      Steven Q Urkel
      Sure, you can send me whatever you need and I'll h4x it up for you real nice. My 1.10s hammerdin recently made it thru the Maggot Lair in hell. Thank merciful Jesus thats over with ;p
    19. Albatross
      I'd buy the stupid game again if I was certain the CDs were not patched, but I don't believe one can still find those in the shops.
    20. Albatross
      Yeah, can't play either. My new CDs are patched to 1.12 :|
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