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Oct 23, 2018 at 3:20 AM
Jul 18, 2003
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June 5
Noodle Compound

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Moderator, from Noodle Compound

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Viewing forum list, Oct 23, 2018 at 3:20 AM
    1. BobCox2
      You sure you want to stick to that story?
    2. BobCox2
      I'm not even in the mafia game but from your posts l8y your damn sorry
    3. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Thanks for liking your message! Was wondering if you got it at all, lol!
    4. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Noodle sat at his desk, a nice mason jar of moonshine and rainwater in his hand. He was looking at the case file of one Priscilla Meddlsometyme when a manilia folder was slipped under his desk. A shadow quickly crossed his frosted window. Alerted, he pulled out a large hunting knife clipped to the underside of his desk and traversed the room, complete with a roll.

      There was handwriting on the manilia folder. It read, "I know the source." Cautiously, he opened the folder to find. . .

      A link to youtube written on the inside. Afraid he would be revisited by one Rick Astley, he picked it up and glanced at it. What could it be? If it was Mr. Astley, he would be taken care of easily with a rug. But why the note on the front? Source? "Someone knows something about me. I have to check it out!"

      Upon typing the link into the address bar, he discovered that someone had found him out!

    5. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      "Native exuberance."

      I like that! :D thank you! :girly:
    6. BobCox2
    7. Leopold Stotch
    8. BobCox2
      U No Y THE maFia Calls it the KiSS of Death?


      Rug Sale At Noodles?

      I want to buy Pluto Something to Piddle on.

      The little guys acting cold and withdrawn.
    9. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      lol!! may i ask what made you bust out the Xmas hats? :) you silly monkey lover! Have you seen this video? Did you post it? Idr how I saw this... wait, I remember! 404 page! ^_^ here ya go! happy early birthday!!

    10. crawlingdeadman
    11. Flip10thMtn
      Hey Noodle!
      Wanted to check with you first (with your great Modness and all) -
      I'm thinking of giving away all my DII accounts and hope this is cool with this forum. OF course it will be for free and I'll probably make it a joke contest or something and completly random on what I give away. I really don't have that much great gear left and probably won't go through the accounts to check what's left - with DIII coming out and the 6-month ladder I really don't play on B-Net anymore. Haven't been around in a while and wanted to make sure something like this would be cool.

      Thanks - Flip
    12. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      hey you! hope all is well. :)

      In my young day too (over 18 years ago) I had nine planets too. :)
    13. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch

    14. corax
      pew pew i'm a lazer
    15. SnickerSnack
      Hey big man on campus. :) They couldn't have chosen a more even handed guy...or is that not a compliment now?

      I've been out for a while, so your mod status is new to me.
    16. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      you a-hole! XXDD jk, jk, :)
    17. pizzadiavolo
      Indeed, you were right, I'm single player. If you don't mind moving that post, having it in the single player forum would be great.
    18. FrogKing
      It's a strange world we're living in.
    19. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Noodle, im so druhnk tihght now and your avatar is trioping me thie **** out. XD <3
    20. Trionth
      Are you a pastafarian?
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    I am the unholy product of the union of a man and what folks around here call a "wo-man."

    Ganking, explosives, funny cowboy dancing.


    The Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant with specialized leaves capable of explosive bursts of speed that allow it to chase down antelope, making it by far the fastest land plant on earth.
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