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Apr 12, 2015
Aug 14, 2003
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Apr 12, 2015
    1. Oathed
      Thanks for all your hard work over the years man. Do you have a twitch or youtube channel or something?
    2. Silvast
      Thanks for your Fishymancer guide! I am following it now in HC! Cheers!
    3. Nightfish
      Glad to hear that, wcparker, that's really the gist of what I was trying to get across in all my years of forum activities. :)
    4. wcparker
      Hey Nightfish! I don't know if you still read these, but I want to thank you (and your guides) very much for teaching me three things that made D2 fun:

      1. End game doesn't have to be running Mephisto over and over while your brain tries to crawl out your ear. Area farming keeps things interesting.

      2. The big one: You don't need to be rich! No Enigmas, no Infinities, no goddamn duped runes! Characters are fun from the start, not from when you finally trade 3 months of farming for a freaking Enigma.

      3. Minor, but related to the above: Farming on players 1. This is important because there are many more fun and interesting characters that are viable on players 1 than on players 7.

      Thanks for everything!
    5. zemaj
      hah! Caught you lurking. :p
    6. drumir
      Hey Nightfish....

      I hope you continue to play D3 when it comes out. I have been playing since 1.08 10 years ago... and have tried most builds (except zons which I hate, and MA sins) with varying success. One major factor in that success was your guides... which are exceptionally well done.

      Just wanted to say thanks, and let me know if you play d3... I will lvl with you any time! :)
    7. Nightfish
      Quite so, Lifeless. Assuming you have a shield with a good base chance to block. (btw, ideally questions about guides go in the guide thread ;))
    8. Sigh
      Hey I was just wondering about the stat layout on that MF Amazon - I'm assuming
      Str for Equipment
      Dex for max block
      No Ene
      Rest Vit
    9. DaveW
      OK, ur rune finds are officially pissing me off now :badteeth:
    10. gograntgo
      Hi Nightfish,
      I just wanted you to know that your guides and insights have been a great influence on me as I have played. Thank you for your contributions and thank you for all your help.
    11. Exori
      Yo you the man nightfish
    12. Dankha
      You rock, for 1 reason...

      LOCKE - Final Fantasy 3(SNES) is my favorite game of all time. Locke, Sabin and Kefka my favorite characters.
    13. nurman
      Just want to thank you for your amazing fishymancer guide ^^
    14. alvar
      hi Nightfish,
      First off, thanks for such a great necro guide! I pat'd my fishymancer a little while ago.
      I have recently started playing .07 again (hoping to get some good bases for Death and Oath), and have started with a necro again, but my skellies keep dying (am currently at level 17) more than I would like. Is there a version of your fishymancer for .07? Should I be doing something different?
    15. linksBb
      hi, i was reading through your fishymancer guide and my friend and i decided to build one with your guide. we were going back through it to make sure we didnt miss anything and you mention something about a perfect map in the section about runs. please elaborate because i have absolutely no clue what you mean by this. thanks in advance.
    16. Megalomania

      I saw the list of all your chars in Hardcore, It´s freaking crazy! not much to say... my hat goes of to you and all your work.

    17. cultist
      Hello Nightfish i am a big fan of yours mainly because your builds are doable when single playing (not on battlenet :D)
      i have a request can you please go into detail with your CL/FO sorc? thank you in advance
      was thinking about a detailed guide something likes the fishimancer guide
    18. Nightfish
    19. LegacyX
      I played a LOT of D2 in the early days, recently broke it out again when the Diablo3 news broke. I've been real impressed with your guides (fishymancer of my own right now in hardcore). Anyway - I was wondering if you put them all in one place. Looking through your 3000 posts is getting a tad monotonous : )
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