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    1. Abhorsen
      Mouseman, I am a Diablo 2 player returning from a 4 to 5 year break, I played from Diablo release to around 2006ish.

      I read your guide and definately decided I WANT to play necro again.

      I was hoping you had some wisdom for me on where is the best places to level and so on.

      When I played I remember farming Andy, Arcane Runs, and a LOT of foothills and that was the best way to level for a LONG TIME, then it swapped not long before I quit to running Tristram, Tombs, Baal runs, which is probably about the time Anni came out.

      Obviously based on your amazing guide the explosion necro is a top notch toon right now.. do you have a suggestion for a Sorc build? I am going to try to get my GF into playing. :yes:
    2. Kunzaito
      Hi Mouseman,

      Thanks for the reply. You are right, that is a fair price. I entered the PAL prize draw, though - can you wait until the winner of that is announced tomorrow AM? If I don't win I'll buy yours.

      Let me know!
    3. Kunzaito
      Hi Mouseman,

      I can't seem to reply to PMs for some reason. Hopefully you'll see this message.

      $150 is a bit much for me, so I'll have to pass. I could probably swing $50 if you don't have any other takers. Let me know, I'll check my messages all day since you're on a time crunch.
    4. Leord
      Hello Mouseman! =)

      I left a message on your Talk page ;)
    5. mouseman
      Hi :) Nope, the NPC page was my first wiki page ever. I created the Caldeum page as well. But it's slow going and I don't know how much time I will have in my hands.

      I see you are very active on the wiki, it's great :)
    6. Leord
      Hello mouseman! I saw some of the edits in the wiki. Good work =) Do you have previous wiki knowledge?
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