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Mar 8, 2015
Apr 11, 2008
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Mar 8, 2015
    1. Fast Eddie
      Fast Eddie
      Hey MLM.

      I hope you're OK, haven't heard from you in a while. I'm not sure if you've seen my threads but I've started Trav running and found Jah+Ber in four days of casual playing, among many other high runes.

      How is your website coming along? Any progress since we last spoke? The GF and I are really enjoying living together, but unfortunately I've been unemployed since December 24th.

      Take care.
    2. Fast Eddie
      Fast Eddie

      Great to hear from you! Congrats on being on the wagon for that long. That's really something to be pleased about.

      Nice to hear about your lightsorc. Hope the Griffon's was a nice roll... Any runes with all that running?

      We moved in together about three weeks ago, it's been great. We're still missing a few bits of furniture and I'm still unemployed but I'm looking for a job, and Samantha starts her job tomorrow. The freedom that the move has offered us is unbelievable. It's so great.

      I hope you are well man, great to hear from you!

    3. Fast Eddie
      Fast Eddie
      Hey man! I hope you're well. I've got back into D2 something good. I'm moving in with my GF about ~1hr from where we currently live, I can't wait. We're both very excited. Glad to hear you're well. How's work/your website/D2?
    4. Fast Eddie
      Fast Eddie

      10 chars.
    5. jjscud
      The basic HR odds are improved so the odds are improved everywhere. imho, hitting countess is the quickest way to verify odds. It should only take 5 runs. With the new odds, orts and tals are the most common (its a quirk in the lower odds of getting low runes). After 5 runs, if you have more orts and tals than els and elds, your rune odds are certainly the updated 1.13 odds.
    6. jjscud
      1.13b changed the rune drop odds to make HRs significantly more common (and they remained that way in the final 1.13c patch). There are many more HR drops (seeds) in LK but HR's are much more common in general so LK is actually less popular than before. Cows and the Council seem to be the place to farm. The flurry of activity in the LK thread lately has really been quite minor.
    7. LorveN
      Finns ett fåtal iaf. Men åtminstone en del svenskar finns ju. De flesta aktiva skriver i OT-tråden i European Trade Forum, så det är där du får hålla utkik isf ;)
    8. NagisaFurukawa

      Don't really watch as much anime as one might think. MAL says 12.5 days since February 20, 2008, which is only about 2 episodes a day. *ashamed* Are you watching anything?

      Played Magic for a year or so, but quit a little before 9th Edition was released a few years ago. Was a very casual player at best. How about yourself?

      Anyway, have a nice weekend. :).
    9. bassen
      I'm gonna make a PVP with my new Beast :)
    10. bassen
      cool :) congrats on that one :) you'll love it, I promise you that :D. So what's your next goal?
    11. Ipsilantee
      Congrats on Infinity!, it's such a powerful runeword, without it, I wouldn't be going for level 99 most likely.

      I probably PvP 25% of the time, do magic find runs 50% of the time, and make new chars 25% of the time.

      I've got the Ber from Baaling, nothing else.

      Pindle is where i've really been lucky with hr drops, (i've gotten two jah runes from pindle runs)
    12. Ipsilantee

      Hehe, as much as I would love to make beast, I think i'm obligated to make Enigma because of how much I like PvP.

      If I do make enigma, i'll still have a Jah rune left and I have no idea what to do with it :D
    13. Ipsilantee
      Thanks, have a good weekend too

      I try to do at least 50 runs a day but I haven't done many lately. I've done around 125 runs in a day a few times, I just wish I had the time to do that many every day.

      Glad you got a Ber rune, what are your plans for it?

      Also, do any of your best skillers have life or faster hit recovery?
    14. Ipsilantee
      Hi there,

      It's going ok, School has been taking up most of my time for the last few weeks so I haven't been able to do as many Baal runs as I would like to.

      I have almost done 2000 runs so far since I first posted in the Elite Runners Thread. I have about 2500 runs left until level 99.

      I noticed you are running LK like crazy in the elite runner thread

      any good skillers yet?
    15. Ipsilantee
      Nope i'm still running. I'm about 3000 runs away from Level 99 right now.

      Wow, that's pretty good results from LK, what are your best skillers?
    16. Ipsilantee
      No, i'm probably never going to HF rush. Don't have enough time to commit to something like that. I might start running LK again once I finish running Baal which will take the next few months probably.

      Are you still running LK?
    17. Carolus Rex
      Carolus Rex
      Jo, farsan hejar på SSK även fast vi båda är Bajare, men vad kan man säga, Hammarby har varit direkt värdelösa i hockey i flera decennier, och nu finns dom inte ens längre.

      Själv hejar jag inte på nåt svenskt hockeylag utan jag kör på San Jose Sharks i NHL.
    18. Ipsilantee
      I was playing in the Peasant's Tournament but my char died yesterday. I still have 500 pindle runs to do for the pindlethon.

      My other project is getting 4 more pats/mats. A martial arts sin, a wolf druid, a daggermancer, and a strafe zon.

      Are you doing anything besides LK running?
    19. Ipsilantee
      Yep, I Baal run with the Lightning sorc.

      Wow, congratulations on getting an Ohm! that is a useful rune.

      I would only make Call to Arms if you plan on doing a lot of Baal runs and/or do PvP.
      Fortitude is a lot better for PvM because it adds a lot of damage to builds and also is pretty much the best merc armor so it's more useful in general in my opinion.
    20. Ipsilantee
      It's going pretty good. I try to do at least ten baal runs every day I play, sometimes if I have enough time, I do 50.

      I made infinity about two months ago and it took my run-times from 4 minutes to about 3 minutes on average.

      How are your LK runs coming along?
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