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Oct 24, 2013
Aug 15, 2009
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Mar 12, 1987 (Age: 31)
North Dakota, USA
Web Designer and Student

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IncGamers Member, 31, from North Dakota, USA

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Oct 24, 2013
    1. yuripadilha
      Hey Mattinm :)
      I'm trying to play pre 1.12 diablo 2 with trenshadow, but I don't have the old disks to play it, my diablo 2 lod disk doesn't work, I think it is because the disk is from a newer version.
      Is there any solution for this problem?
    2. machinus
      I'm looking for your old trenshaw patch files. I can torrent host them but none of the download links work. Can you send them to me, or host them temporarily?

      [email protected]
    3. Nameless
      Hi mattinm.
      Sorry, my english isn't very good. I've read your post about playing diablo 2 pre-lod via tcp/ip. I'm wondering, are you still interest in it ? My version is 1.05b.
    4. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Spirit Fist is the nicest pair of gloves I've seen in a long while. Perfect roll on everything, and the defence is a multiple of 5, which appealing to the eyes. :)
    5. Thomh
      CtA is so sick....I haven`t tried most of the high-end RWs, but it would surprise me if that isn`t the best one. Especially for HC players. I was going to do a write-up on the blova, but lost the CtA when trying to compare runs with my blizz sorc, so I didn`t really care after that:) Will probably do a double write-up if my second take at a Blova gets through the game. It might take a while as I`m currently questing a ton of my pit runners from the OC wp to the HF to hopefully score a Gul.

      Btw, if you need anything for one of your characters, I have tons of stuff just sitting in my stashes looking for a home. Just lmk and I will go through them and see if I got something desireable.
    6. Thomh
      Hi mate. Her gear is fairly standard; full Tal`s, Trang`s Gloves (I had no point in warmth, so magefist was out), Spirit, War Traveler, BKWB and Nature`s Peace. CtA and Spirit on switch. (well, she had Cta:wink:, haven`t run with her after my blizz sorc lost the CtA)

      I find that the waves and Baal are not really dangerous, but throne room can be a pain. Used Nature`s peace to stop mummy madness with OKs, Gloams and Dolls. It`s probably not necessary, but I hate dolls that much:)

      I`m guessing your problems come from a lack of CtA, and believe me, I`m not going to run Baal without that RW myself:) I find the difference between 1400 and 2000 life to be really huge.
    7. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Hey mattinm. Thanks for the consistent help you've been giving me. :p

      By the way, I do believe it was /you/ who started the Torchlight thread. I just bought the game tonight (holiday price $10 - I couldn't resist). I would like to start first with an Alchemist. I've read some threads, but nothing informative so far (at least not confined to a single post). It's not so much that I'm lazy, but I wanna read for 15 minutes and start playing, not read through 50 pages before I make my first character. Perchance you can give me an easy noob build I can work with, or perhaps links to really good posts that would help a beginner like me? ;)

      [edit] Is there some sort of "Arreat Summit" for Torchlight? That would be /extremely/ helpful.
    8. ioupainmax
      Yeah that sucks, but at least it's working. I really need to format an reinstall everything on my computer. It is a bit old and is starting to show some problems. It's too much bother though - so many things set up and personalised, the software, the registrations, the time it would take is prohibitive right now. Backing up alone would take weeks!
    9. ioupainmax
      Hey dude, I hope you managed to fix your computer!
    10. ioupainmax
      Ok cool - saves me from doing it lol.

      I was playing 1.09 untwinked and then went back to 1.12a pit running - it felt super fast in comparison to players 64 :D I think I will probably move down to players 8 for all of Norm and NM in 1.09b as it is untwinked.
    11. ioupainmax
      Yeah, you're the man - thanks, you have stopped me from going crazy trying to figure this all out. You should totally write a dummies guide to it all for people like me. Either that or just have a download with it all set up with shortcuts ready made where only the file location (X:\) needs to be changed and saves moved to correct folders. Actually, if I get time, I might do just that - with the consent of the mods and anyone else that is needed ...
    12. ioupainmax
      Ignore something from gambit452 on AIM - I was trying to add you on this thing called Pidgin as I don't have AIM - but it wasn't working ...

      EDIT: I was being an idiot - it doesn't do what I thought it did lol
    13. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Thanks for the help. :)
    14. ioupainmax
      Thanks a lot for the help dude! I have everything working except for 1.12a using trenshadow for multiple instances + RWM and CRM.

      If I keep 1.12a as the main folder and don't use the version switcher, I get back my coloured runes, but I'm not sure whether this will ruin anything because I was assuming that the original DII 'save' folder was to remain empty ... halp!
    15. NagisaFurukawa
      Congratulations, mattinm! You've won two free tickets to participate in the internationally renowned event otherwise known as PvP Week!

      But seriously, why not give it a go if/when you see this message or the thread?
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