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Jul 29, 2012
Oct 17, 2007
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IncGamers Member, from Somerset, UK (ex Swede)

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Jul 29, 2012
    1. MrKaxe
      Thanks dude! Only problem with that is i'm at work at the moment and have no image processing software so i'll have to do it at home later :(
    2. BeccaZerg
      Hey Leord! Whats up? How ya goin.
      I know busy as usual.
      Well ttyl
    3. Sentarius
    4. UllaV
      Because they use my box space.

    5. GuardianHadriel
      it is´nt even that funny it means "This happend around 15 years ago. When I and my friend were in the local videostore we heard a couple of fellows standing a few meters from us and they had found a film with Pat Hingle and they read his last name wrong and we could´nt help but laugh when we heard the following:Pat Hingst(Hingst translates to stud, stud having a sexual meaning made it funny i guess)

      Answer to Uncle_Mike
    6. Arkardo
      Hey there, thanks for the friend invitation!
    7. Uncle_Mike
      I found that on IMDB - it's supposedly funny to Scandinavians, i have no idea what it means.
    8. Uncle_Mike
      Detta hände för ungefär femton år sedan. När jag och min kompis var i den lokala videobutiken så hörde vi några grabbar som stod några meter från oss och dom hade tydligen hittat en film med just Pat Hingle och dom läste hans efternamn fel och vi kunde inte låta bli att skratta när vi hörde följande: Pat Hingst.
    9. lionheart
      no, thats not me sorry...
    10. Delowyn
      Yes, that is mine. Glad you like it.
    11. helvete
      Jeg kan ingenting om wiki-formattering, så vet faktisk ikke...
    12. helvete
      Skimming through that, I see at least one error (or one thing left out, rather).

      The bosses with boss=1 have fixed base level, yes, but some DO get +3 for being unique. This at least applies to Griswold (who can drop arach, and thus is mlvl 87 in hell, not 84).

      I've just skimmed through, but that's the only error I can spot off the top of my head.

      Whoops, det der ble engelsk ;) tenkte meg ikke om. Sliten.

      EDIT: Gjelder også Nihlathak (mlvl 95) og muligens også Izual.

      EDIT2: Andariel quest bug:
      - It's NOT fixed on the realms, for one thing.
      - The bug isn't created by talking to "any NPC", it MUST be Warriw, in the same game as the quest is completed. You may talk to other NPCs before or after Warriw, but Warriw MUST be spoken to.
    13. helvete
      Ja, det kan jeg godt gjøre :)
    14. helvete
      Takk for komplimentet, og for tipset om "wiev conversation".

      Har dessverre ikke så mye fritid, og er ganske sliten etter jobb, så jeg er nok ikke til stor hjelp.

      Men hvis jeg får en liste med spørsmål kan jeg sikkert svare ;)
    15. Insanity
      hmmmmm im not spamming...and yes i intend to help with the wiki...INTEND TO :P
    16. Mizantrop
      First Happy Birthday!

      Got any interesting wiki updates yet? (mine is coming I promise)
    17. Gorny
      "Leord's Rainbow Socks"

      As of Patch 3.0.4:

      Epic Cloth Armor
      Binds on Pickup

      306 Defense
      +1147 to Stamina
      +1045 to Spirit
      +1251 to Intellect
      +250 to all resists
      +1337 to healing and damage spells

      2 Red Sockets
      2 Blue Sockets
      2 Yellow Sockets
      3 Meta Sockets

      On Equip: Restores 100 Mana per second (even in combat)

      Socket Bonus:
      All colored sockets filled:
      +100 to all stats

      Both Meta Sockets filled:

      Casting time reduced by 100%

      All sockets filled:

      Mana regen at 1337 mana per second.
      Additional 1337 damage to spells and healing effects.
      Additional 1337 to Stamina, Spirit and Intellect
      Additional 1337 to all resists
      Crit chance to 1337%

      Unique rainbow aura around caster.
    18. Troglodyte
      Haha, I'm not sure why they picked on me like this. :)
    19. Gorny
      Rainbow socks!!!!
    20. Mizantrop
      So this is how this thingie works? I need to reply in your public chat and you reply in mine? :P
      Oh now I see the history of past posts so it makes more sense. But you got to admit it's confusing espcially with the wiki-chat.
      Anyway lurking is great! I started lurking in starcraftwire as well. I am pretty excited about SC2 and I don't want to be a total noob when it ships.
      I sent you a more "Private" message as well.
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