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Aug 2, 2017
Mar 5, 2008
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living in my own world
bastard barkeeper from hell

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Aug 2, 2017
    1. Groo
      Long time no see my friend!

      Still stucked in hardcore? Good luck with d3 start today! I myself will probably not be online before first monday.

      Any possibility for us to meet in Bulgaria this year?


      All the best, Groo
    2. ioupainmax
    3. Liquid_Evil
    4. BKC
      im good m8, just the normal things, gauss however is a bit rumbly at the moment.. dunno why though its all opinions colliding for nothing if you ask me...
    5. BKC
      Krupa are you playing solely SP now?
    6. KremBanan
      Most likely in September. Most likely 10.-12.september. Personally, I will be there from 8./9.-12 september. I will spent more than a weekend, since its pretty far for me to travel :)
    7. KremBanan
      ETF Gathering in Prague this year! You are ofc very welcome to join! :)
    8. TheBigClown
      Good to hear that nihla is on a trappers list of to kill monsters, but I'm not sure I like the randomness of the traps. I loaded up a SP trapper and even though I had a fairly good trap placement in cs it was still totally random as the monsters tend to run like they don't know what they are doing haha! Even though traps do like 12k each it's still much slower than the nerfed light soso.
    9. TheBigClown
      I only did 1 exam, it went really well. I wrote a paper about the relationship between ontology and epistemology in Plato's philosophy. It may seem a bit too easy to write such a paper, but it's actually very interesting how different philosophers interpret "the divided line". A decisive issue is whether to think of the line as vertical or horizontal.

      2rd wave (not the skellies) = magic immune. I hope that this will put an end to baalbots. But I guess people will still do hammerbots and rely on the party to kill 2rd wave - shouldn't be a problem as it's a weak wave. Or maybe the merc simply kills the greater mummies are they called?

      Yeah I loaded up a SP light soso (adjusted her damage to 1.13) and did some csing and brs and she still flat out owns /players 8 (even though I just made a 6-skiller-setup).
    10. TheBigClown
      I have decided to play the new ladder (although I'm not too exicted, but I like ladder much more than nl - in fact I dislike nl... dunno why), but I want to limit my play. Or rather: A friend from my school have decided for me that I should play hehe. I've decided not to run for 99 as that's just too big a time investment nor will I do any dedicated pvp as getting the kinda gear I want will take a big effort. I'll go for a mf soso first and a common smiter with a friend. I'm not sure what kinda char I wanna play in the long run though. I really wanna make me a trapper as that's about the only pvm char I haven't had fun with, but I want to my char to be able to do both cs, nihla and baalruns and I'm unsure about how a trapper will do against nihla - I have to do some sp testing. From a get-wealth-point-of-view I should probably go for a soso, but I've made too many damn soso's in the past and I'm not really interested in big wealth that much - I just want to get 1 nice pvm char going.
    11. TheBigClown
      Didn't knew that the hr drops will increase that much! That's wack! I'm pretty disapointed about the changes overall - I don't really see many changes. But I do like that blessed hammers won't harm undead and demons anymore, I kinda hope it will erase the baalbots, but I guess they'll just do diaruns then :-(
    12. TheBigClown
      Part 2: Yeah this game is too easy, even though one plays untwinked as I know you like a lot :) But I still love this game. There's quite a few things one can do in order to have fun. For instance you and me are like totally different in terms of what we like to do :)

      PS I wasn't asking for you to cover my loss, I just wanted to share my worst temp ban ever. I feel really bad, but luckily russev is a cool guy :)
    13. TheBigClown
      Message too long haha! This is part 1. Part 2 will be the 04:41 post haha! Isn't that amazing... I know exactly when part 2 will be online?!?! Me haz uber skillz? Yes?

      Heya. I made a little comeback the last 10 days or so. I've been playing on a mates account. But it will end with this new ladder season kicking in. Will you be playing the new ladder? I'm undecided - I have to take a look at the changes first as I'm not entirely sure about what's gonna change.
    14. TheBigClown
      I just had the most annoying temp ban ever. 12 hours, but it's not the 12 hour temp ban... I had me another temp ban after entering only 1 mule game. I didn't in my wildest dream think that I would get me another temp ban so I decided that selfmuling was 100% safe. The worst part is that I lost items that russev had given me earlier yesterday (we didn't knew about the reset then - I wouldn't have thought of starting a char if I knew about the reset). I think it's much more worse to lose items that have been given instead of just loosing your own items. So I lost items worth ~75 ists. I could have easily handled that back when I was active here and on the other forum, but now it just sucks. I feel so ashamed for loosing all that. The worst part was 2 very nice claws (2assa, 3ls, 2sox and 3trap, 2ls, 2sox).
    15. TheBigClown
      Oh yeah, phys immunes! Getting trapped in the maggot lair? ^^

      I'm kinda in the same boat as you... Study study study!

      Oh an untwinked party run :-) I have never participated in that, but I find the idea very cool... Almost to the point where I would like to participate in such a thing! I wouldn't have to care for getting drops and experience anymore haha! ^^ So what char are you running with? Hc it is right?

    16. TheBigClown
      Okay, I assume you either did it or died. But just in case you're still fighting your way through hell: Load up them blue pots! ^^
    17. TheBigClown
      Hc guardian with an untwinked summon dudu! That's a real challenge! Remember to be patient mate. I hope you don't lose your mind in the process - it must take forever to go untwinked summon dudu guardian!

      Oh btw, gratz on a nice and even post count (2,100). Nice!
    18. TheBigClown
      Hio m8 :-)

      Happy new year :-)

      How are things? I'm really glad I managed to quit the game. I don't regret it so far :-)

    19. Garlus
      Required level for the weapon is 37. Sorry btw but I am allready off to bed , if you want to get it you will have to wate untill tomorrow :)
      Good night.
    20. Fkn
      All right, well a boner and hammer is needed.. you can check the quest thread for more info ;)
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