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Jun 16, 2014
May 2, 2008
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Sep 13, 1983 (Age: 35)
Cain's Cage in Tristram
Diablo II Player?

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IncGamers Member, 35, from Cain's Cage in Tristram

Greebo was last seen:
Jun 16, 2014
    1. BobCox2
      Welcome Back Cat.

      Spend some time with the old folks in off-Topic

      I've Been Busy "Raising Steam"
    2. nulio
      Long time no see Greebo.

      I didn't like D3 ^^ D2 it's where it's at!
    3. frozzzen

      It's been more then year since you were last time here. Just passing by or actually staying a while? :)
    4. nulio
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
    5. NagisaFurukawa
      Holy shiet, what is that?

      Anyway, glad you apparently got zeh pelts.
    6. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Your new avatar... it's... interesting...

    7. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Yo, did you get my Wolf Pelts? I'm not sure...

      By the way, make a Druid.
    8. frozzzen
      Hey, it's me again.

      I just want to know summary of your PvP experience :) You did look like you have fun, but I just want to confirm it and so on. By any chance any PvP projects so far? :D
    9. frozzzen
      BKWB over SoJ I'd say. Your life will be hurting quite a bit without good charms. Also don't Hel your SS. Um it and have spare Spirit in stash when you won't need block. It helps you with dmg/fhr and adds nice chunk of flexibility with other gear. Besides, you will use spirit on buff switch anyway.

      Rest of setup looks good, but please hit either 42 or 60 FHR. Stunlocks aren't that rare and it will help you vs barbs or assassins mostly.
    10. frozzzen
      Complete setup would help me, but I haven't seen any 65fcr sorceress around. You could test it ofc. I know it brings much stability in other character departments, but fcr is pretty important. 105 is just about norm.
    11. frozzzen
      Blizz sorceress
      Hybridzon <-- love this guide

      Both good guides and approved by me at least :whistling: Bowie is harder to play then sorc. You have videos in bowie guide, but for Blizzard sorc you will have to learn in game. It's not hard, just tele around and drop blizzards. If you can drop it on top of someone, even better. I do have a lot of 1.07 maxers spare if you need them for bowie. Also I have 1.07 Valk to borrow if you need. Sadly, I never bothered with cold sorcs so my gear is quite limited in this department.
      If you need help with anything, you know where to find me :)
    12. frozzzen
      I'd say W/S trapper is easy to make, but playing it is different story :) 200fcr non block non ES lightning sorc is nice. Most physical builds require to go in close combat, and 200fcr helps a lot. Expect to be one hit killed pretty often, but with 35k+ lightning dmg you will kill many characters in one shot as well. But when bowazons come to play this build is essentially doomed. Wind druid is my personal favorite starting PvP characters. Very strong on both offense and deffense and quite cheap to make. Also there are many natural lifers floating on SPTF so you might get lucky on that front as well.
      And ofc, simple maxblock or energy shield blizzard sorc will be strong. Insane -cold ress and you are packing quite a punch.

      Those are all cheap and effective builds that can work with little troubles. You will kill and die and be happy :D
    13. frozzzen
      Hey hey.

      Are preparations for PvP week going well? :D Any chance of seeing you there with character or two? If you have been lazy there is still time to get some character working :)
    14. xoti
      Did u got my raindow facet?
    15. NagisaFurukawa
      I already emailed the pelt to Joanna. I asked him about it on his wall, but no reply.
    16. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Hey man, 4 (?) months late, but sure, take my Druid pelts if you:
      1. Still play this game.
      2. Still want them.
      3. Nagisa was mean enough to to give them out.

    17. NagisaFurukawa
      Thanks for passing that information along. Really glad it ended up in the hands of someone maareek knows, and hope it serves you well.
    18. NagisaFurukawa
      I've got some +4 War Cry helms, but the best is probably just an unsocketed Horned Helm with +3 BO/+3 WC. Good enough?

      The pelt is Joanna's, so you'd have to ask him for it. :p Neither maareek nor I like druids, so the best available would be +3 Hurricane/+1 Grizzly 3 os hat. Again, good enough?

      Last, no dice on the head. Best is a +3 RS 'Splendor' candidate.

      Please edit your post accordingly. :p
    19. omgwtfbbqpwned
      In closing, did you not realize something was fishy when I sent you an email under the address "d2.joel"? :P

      In all honesty though, I do love shopping, and to a certain degree, Diablo II. And yes, I would be proud to be called a "Shklee".
    20. omgwtfbbqpwned
      It looks like my days as Joanna are over (curses!), but there is a story behind it.

      Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Tank, Nagisa, and I were in a MP game. The conversation of how someone can be anyone on the internet came up, to which I jokingly said something along the lines of: "I bet I can pull off being a girl", to which they laughed off (something along the lines of: "lol no wtf are you nub?"). Thus, on a fateful date many months ago, I was known as Joanna.

      What was meant for a 1 week prank turned serious when a certain member *coughRIPcough* called me a "she". In my amusement (read: laziness), I remained a "Joanna", although as you can see, the consequences outweighed the amount of gloating I could dish out.

      Sorry to disappoint, but I have been karyotyped as XY, and as far as I know, my Wolffian ducts did persist, and I'm certain I don't have any form of androgen-receptor insensitivty. ;)
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