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Dec 7, 2018 at 9:39 PM
May 16, 2007
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Dec 7, 2018 at 9:39 PM
    1. NagisaFurukawa
      10 ATD WT's... ohgodlol.
    2. NagisaFurukawa
      *100% guilty of that last point* Well, it's only natural, especially since nobody really tabulates it manually over 1250192414 runs.

      Thanks for the info. It seems my game isn't broken after all if others are getting 3-4 pack spawns quite often on their "normally" more heavily populated Pit 1 route. Just get a bit worried when I hear stuff about 10 packs and such being standard for really good map.
    3. NagisaFurukawa
      For your old barb's Pit map, what's the min/average/max bosspack quantity? Only average matters really, but kind of need another person's #'s (roughly) for min/max for comparison's sake. Thankies ~
    4. ioupainmax
      Woah, can I ask why you don't bother to pick up some stuff? Is it because you had once already or that you just pick up stuff you think you will need?

      You could email me the report if that is easier than uploading it. I will PM you my email address.
    5. ioupainmax
      Hey dude, do you have your latest flavie report - I'd love to see what kinda stuff you have?
    6. nulio
      Since I didn't see you in irc: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
    7. NagisaFurukawa
      Didn't want to bump the thread, so will any of these work? None are super great, but just throwing it out there. Also, Death's Web is 2/-49, so you're on the list. :wink:

      Ring: 5 ML, 95 AR, 20 STR, 29 LR, 6 MF
      Ring: 5 ML, 6 LL, 15 AR, 6 DEX, 26 FR, 8 MF
      Ring: 3 ML, 11 DEX, 29 FR, 10 PR, 12 MF
      Amulet: 20 FCR, 11 MANA, 10 ALL RES, 16 FR, 10 MF
      Ring: 10 FCR, 19 LR, 21 MF
      Amulet: 2 BARB, 7 FCR, 16 MF, 17 MANA
      Amulet: 2 BARB, 7 FCR, 13 MF, 11 LIFE, 33 MANA
      Amulet: 9 FCR, 8 MF, 8 ML, 20 ALL RES, 13 MANA
      Amulet: 6 FCR, 23 MF, 18 ALL RES, 11 DGTM, 13 MANA
    8. omgwtfbbqpwned
      No, not selfish at all, I'm glad someone took the offer for a guaranteed 362% roll. ;)

      It would have been a real shame for me to unsocket a 'Death' in the 72nd percentile.
    9. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      I can't remember whether or not you're big on the MP front, but seeing as I can't find any other 1.13'ers that MP, besides the ever absent nep, I was wondering if you wanted to get some MP on the go? If you're not too busy with the Pits of course :p
    10. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      Hey, must be late over there! How's it going in 1.13? I'm loving that Poisonmancer as well as that Cham rune, congratulations. I really want to make a Poisonmancer but my gear would be atrocious.
    11. DZJB
      Heh, of course. I was shaking for quite a while when I found mine. Hope you find a good trade for it, and if not, give this a read.
    12. DZJB
      Well, that might not be such a bad choice really. I'm very happy that I've found one, though I would have been happier with a Jah for example. Grisu and I are self found, so no trading here. Personally, socketing it in a great piece of armour isn't worth it imo. Cubing up to a Zod is... unrealistic. Doom's got more build possibilities than Pride, hence my choice.
    13. DZJB
      Gratz on the wonderful HR! Got an idea what you want to do with it? Grisu and I want to make a Doom BA (in the future) with ours. And please, if you have some whacky build ideas around the RW you want to make, inform me, I'm very curious!
    14. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      Ah I see, I used a new shortcut since I was having some issues with loading the game after updating, I'll change the shortcut and hope for the best. I've already got a failed Spirit, will it become a working one, once brought into a game with the correct shortcut?
    15. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      Heya, have you managed to get RWM working with 1.13? I'm not sure how to do it, and I don't want to make a gemmed Archon Plate when that Lo drops :P
    16. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      Oh, i know why, because i said quakenet, when i meant enterthegame
    17. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      Also, you should hop on the aforementioned chat thingy
    18. Juicy Cheese
      Juicy Cheese
      I love the way your response to ares' thread is pretty much an amalgamation of everything our PM's contained :P. Didn't think you'd mentioned Black Hades, as it's not yet been tested.
    19. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I meant video-wise! A link would be gg.
    20. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Merry Christmas Fabian!

      If I may ask, what program are you using to record your Trav runs? ^^
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