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Feb 13, 2014
Aug 31, 2007
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Mar 20, 1987 (Age: 30)
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Feb 13, 2014
    1. Grisu
      Yeah, I finally made my Doom :) I made a new post in my thread (there's the link to the ITF and the youtube video, too).

      If you have any advises on the use, let me know!

      P.S.: I hear you're running Trav as well? I spotted your two "Oath" Balrog Blades - nice choice of (base) weapon!
    2. Asmodeous

      nearly 5 weeks holiday over chrissy gave me quite a bit of time for Baal running. I managed to break his xp thru the 3.3 billion barrier. Still a long way to go. I could have put more xp on him than I did, but I ended up playing my avenger quite a bit as well, getting him up to level 96 so I could accomplish level 20/20/20 vengeance synergies.

      Guess I should go find the level 99 thread for an update.
    3. Fabian
      Sounds wise. I'll have to think carefully about what I want before I "spend" it on anything, that's for sure. Haven't had much time to digest it all just yet :)
    4. Fabian
      Thanks! Honestly I can't see any immediate use for it, which is why I just put up a trade thread for it. If nothing happens with that, I see 3 decent possibilities in the future; Doom, socket in my 1.07 Valkyrie Wing or something like that, or save for a Zod (probably the most likely). All of those are probably a long way into the future though :)
    5. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Merry X-Mas, purple four letter word. :)
    6. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I haven't tried yet. After I finish my exams tomorrow, I promise I'll give you a full dump. ;)

      By the way, have you tried 1.13 yet?
    7. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Oooh, purple. Do they still hold contest giveaways for Pals?

      And no, I haven't forgotten - I'm just a bit bogged down with school. I'll send you a nice dump soon. :p
    8. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I'm at school so I can't give you my specific set-up on my PNova, but he does around 15k PNova damage with his MFing gear on. Fully tweaked, he does 20k+ PNovas, which is somewhat scary. :p
    9. Grisu
      Winter-holiday ham? You mean "Amn", omg???

      Thanks for the link to your build ideas! My final goal would be a teleporting Doom Tesladin with Physical damage boost (max all Lightning and physical synergies) and an Infinity wielding Might merc to run Nihlatak...I guess I shouldn't be running OKs with that one, though :D

      Just one thing about Zealadins in general: They lack crowd control. A lot. Conversion might help, but is very slow. That's why I'll probably make those Tesladin variants last - just in case I die and lose all that good stuff...but on the to do list there's definitely a Doom wielding frenzier...maybe with a Harmony Rogue to speed things up even further xD
      Now go go go, Infinity!
    10. omgwtfbbqpwned
      You know, if you and Grisu wanna give me something nice this x-mas, may I suggest you both donating a certain rune that rhymes with winter-holiday ham? :D

      I plan to make it into a Zod to plug into my Phase Blade of Ages.
    11. Grisu
      Doom that Doom! xD After finding my first Sur and being able to cube another Sur, I aim for a Ber at LK at the moment...Infinity>Doom because Infinity+Doom+Tesladin=lots of fun :) Oh, and I don't know if I should cheesy ebug a 1.07 eth zerker or try without the cheese (and tons of damage less...). I'll let you know once I decided on it! But what about your Cham?
    12. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Nope, can't complain about that. Another question: how long does it take you to do Pits with him?
    13. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Thanks for the info dump. Pretty sweet Novamancer you have there, although it seems he's better at rune finding than magic finding. ;)

      Any good drops recently after the Cham?
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