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Jun 30, 2014
Oct 3, 2007
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Jun 30, 2014
    1. BKC
      thanks floyd for all the great months! :) (it wasnt years for me yet) i always appreciated you running this channel!
    2. aquaviva
      Hey you :-) still playing in gauss?? and are you thinking about bringing the communety over to d3 ?? could be fun
    3. KillaMike
      i just would like to say something about img coding on site:


      on another note this is what i think of new patch:

    4. KillaMike
      hey ya, i just wounder why down, any ideas? :)
    5. KillaMike
    6. KillaMike
      DUDE, i gotta tell ya, i cannot believe that people only thing ( about 95% ) that asking you, is all gauss realeted.

      Like: WTF?!?!

      i know you created it, but does any one cares about you, just because of who you are? or that just VIA pm ?

      any ways, i gotta tell you, you made my d2 life A LOT easier, shame i wont be able to play it as much in about 3 weeks due to my 1st year in Uni :D

      just hope i ll have enought cash to last till next year...
    7. Talman
      Yes, pretty well, it's getting harder to get up in the morning though. I got 3 more days to master my physics, damn I so wanna pass all those ****s!
    8. shamoogoo
      hi ive apply'd for your group and got a vouch from humananimal
      ive apply'd on and still no reply
      just wonderd if you could shed any light on this topic for me ?
    9. Greatkai
      Hey I'm rather new to the Site - I was just needing the Vent Server credentials, I've been looking for a decent LOD Vent Server for hours and google isn't half as great as people make it sound!
    10. Arturek
      Hello hehe i forgot to write ;) my acc on bn is Artur-
    11. dean1
      Sup floyd, was just wondering how long my bans for, if indeed it had an end date. I've been hanging around with adam, a few other members and they are back in.

      Honesty i did what i did to catch the scammer, although i understand why you have banned me i think you have been abit harsh and as i play alot of d2 and have alot to offer in advise on the game and time i play i think i should be reinstated.

      Well as always its your call hope to hear from you soon.

      Regards dean
    12. dean1
      Just thought id forward this to you as you are "the daddy" as far as op gauss is concerned. I've posted it on both this and BoD forums too.

      Hey Koyen and gauss members, grats on getting your stuff back i glad you did.

      I just wanted to close this matter, and after reciving a pm off you i am replying to it and with a few thoughts of mine too. I was thinking by what i did i have made a hugh difference to the way Op Gauss works and i think i've made it safer and better. After i heard from "mr thief" that he wanted to steel your items i replyed, as you know to take them. I was aggressive in this too because i wanted him too! And why u ask!! Well i wanted to expose him as the thief he was, if i had talked him out of it he could of been scamming off people in the channel forever, making new safelisted accounts as he went on! and who knows the damage he could of done.He needed to be caught! By doing what i did he got exposed, kicked from gauss and BoD and not well like by all! I exposed him right after and helped you with info to find him. I did what i did with everyones best intrest at heart.

      As I am still banned from gauss, this seemed the only way to reach you, sry it's a long one lol. Well if you find it right to safelist me back, which i think it is i can get on with helping and playing with people and that is what i enjoy, much like yourself.

      Well good luck and maybe i'll see you in op gauss again


      I hope this has cleared the matter up for you flloyd
    13. aquaviva
      can you tell me why i cant get in the op gauss channel?????
    14. MrKaxe
      Dude I think you left a msg for Ivan on my Visitor space by accident about a torch...
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