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Blazing Blade
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Jan 27, 2016
Apr 6, 2007
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Australia QLD

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Blazing Blade

IncGamers Member, from Australia QLD

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Jan 27, 2016
    1. Queen Mebd
      Queen Mebd
      Good to see you back, I guess I'll have to start making it on a bit more regularly.

      I've been doing some reading, and it looks like we could pull off a 49 plaguer relatively cheaply for an mld (maybe we can just remake Riphook). I'm thinking jav fr/w skillers should be to expensive (just fun to track down). And I've got most of the rest of the gear (eth Titan's and a 1 'zon 30 fr/w hat might be the only outstanding pieces).

      With a full compliment she could be pushing 51k over 80 second poison jav and 43k over 17 seconds plague jav not counting boosts from Trang's, facets, or even +skills on armor. And that leaves a heap of skills to boost dodges, light fury, guided, and all sorts of stuff.

      Just something to kick around. ^_^
    2. Queen Mebd
      Queen Mebd
      Runics is nearing completion, we'll have to svs next time you're on. ^_^
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