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Bad Ash
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Sep 5, 2017
Jul 16, 2003
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February 19

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Bad Ash

IncGamers Member, from Chicago

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Sep 5, 2017
    1. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Btw, this heat is nothing. It's hot, but the last two summers were way worse! Trust me on this. By this time two years ago, it was 105 with a heat index of 110. Trust me, this is the most normal summer (temp wise) we've had in a long while. and it will get hotter. July, August, Sept. are the hottest months. Drink lots of water!! :D
    2. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      also, he's into True Blood which has now sparked my interest. Why? Well, when True Blood first came out, it was during the Twilight phase and I was (still am) very anti-Twilight. I thought, "Great! Another ****ing vamp show. Ugh..." And no one would shut the **** up about how it was so good. So i started to watch some eps last season (my 64 year-old great aunt is into it, lol! and at the time I was living with her and would watch it in my room after work) and was like, "This is why it's so good?" It felt like a juvenile had gotten a hold of the script and directing. I asked around and everyone I had talked to told me that the earlier shows were better. SMF started watching from the beginning and I would be there with him sometimes. So now my interest has piqued. ^^
    3. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      honestly, there was (still is) a bit of hype and I am a person who won't watch something if there is a lot of hype to it. I kept hearing about it, but was indifferent to it. My Special Man Friend got me into (and Zokar helped too, lol!) because he was trying to explain some things to me, we watched a couple of episodes together when he was like, "Okay, you're just gonna have to watch and understand." So glad we did that. :D
    4. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      I just wanted to let you know that I have started watching Game of Thrones. I am liking it a lot so far! :D And I am understanding a lot of references. Only on S1E5 or 6...[SPOILER]
      . I know I have a ways to go, but I am getting addicted and I have plenty of time to catch up. ^_^

      Also, one of my fave shows has their own fave show. Had to share this. Trying to explain it to Marahumm because this is his fave show and he did not understand the references. They mention GoT once more in this episode and they pretty much said [SPOILER]

      Enjoy! Hope all is well!! http://video.adultswim.com/the-venture-bros/sex-game-of-thrones.html
    5. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Lol! I have no idea when you sent that, but thank you. I'm hanging in there as best I can. :)
    6. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      dooooooode.... Thank you. :) I hope all is well with you too. :grouphug:
    7. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Did you go to SXSW? I think that happened over this weekend. Wanna say yesterday was the last day. Hahaha, well beng the Yankee that you are it is hard to hate it here! XD jk, jk! You know I will always pick on you and G-man for that. ^^

      Sad to say... I don't think i've been to Dallas. Or Austin. If I have, it's been YEARS and I have no recollection of it. My mom and sister go often. Brother too. I love San Antoinio. Good memories with Mara, but... I need to go back and make my own happy memories. Same with Corpus Chrisiti. ^^
    8. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      yeah, well, the warm weather stays until... December! XD and no snow, depending on where you are. I believe Norhtern Texas gets A LOT more snow than Houston. HA! Houston? Snow? Not very likely. ;) Where in Tejas if I can ask? Hope you are enjoying it... when you aren't working. ^_^
    9. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      I need to brush up on my Evil Dead movies first. :D And i have the perfect partner to watch them with! :D

      How is everything? Are you back in Chicago?
    10. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Hahahaha! Awesome! Will be looking forward to seeing your review on the OTF. ;)
    11. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      *siiiigh* I saw on one of the ads here... did you know of an Evil Dead reboot? :/
    12. Leopold Stotch
    13. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      *hiss* I will have my revenge. Lol!! thanks!
    14. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      Heard the game was over. I've been away for a bit and I might read the first page (lol, I more than likely will) but I want to say thanks again and I had a lot of fun. ^^ P.S. Because I'm lazy, who won? XD
    15. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      ahem. ^_^ *hugs*
    16. Gorny
      *Attaches Noodle mark on Ash's rear*
    17. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      awww! thanks! :D

      *nom nom nom*
    18. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      i want some popcorn. *sigh*
    19. MrKu
    20. Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch
      we took your black Camaro to use for poo pranks. :hijack: :thanks:
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