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May 31, 2015
Oct 23, 2007
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NZ <-> Malaysia

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IncGamers Member, from NZ <-> Malaysia

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May 31, 2015
    1. linchensh
      hey you still need the maiden javelin? sorry wasnt on for 2 weeks lol~
    2. Trionth
      What do you think the chances of getting a 2/20 druid, and a 2/20 paladin out of 200 craft sets :)

      I've got 200 Pamy coming (soon as I can trade 8 of my HRs for 8 Ohms...) so I just gotta work on the Rals (40-ish so far) and JJ (none yet)

      I'll load them onto an account and put 29 sets into each character (7 total characters) Hopefully that should make it easy enough.
    3. Trionth
      I read Ricksters posts yesterday (really well done for an answer to someones questions)

      None of this gear is 'ideal' but I'm just going to use her for PvM, and Keep a 'Beast' and the 6x Shael PB in stash for the "WTF?!" factor.
    4. Trionth
      20 Telekenises, Energy Shield, Lightning Mastery, and Enchant. 1 point fire mastery and 1+ point into Thunder Storm.

      I tried for max block on this last respec (I'll have to again) I've put 218 points into dexterity and still only have 50% block. Is this worth pumping in points?

      So, here what I have for gear (just stuff I threw on her):

      Helm: 'Dream' Bone Visage
      Armor: 'Chains of Honor' Archon plate
      Gloves:Laying of Hands
      Rings: Raven, SoJ
      Amulet: Highlord's
      Belt: Arach
      Boots: Eth Trek's
      Weapon: 'Passion'
      Shield: 'Dream' Troll Nest
      Weapon switch: CtA
      Shield switch: Lidless

      Going with max energy shield build, I'll definently put frostburns on instead of LoH. How hard is the Jewler's plate of the Whale (4os) to get? And I can't imagine the jewels will be cheap either (~HR each wouldn't be too bad)
    5. Trionth
      I think I have ~11k in Bear form. Its not an issue in PvM because of Conviction, just PvP.

      What are you skill point allocation? I've wanted to use thunderstorm, do you lose much damage if you don't max fire mastery? Think 20 Warmth, Enchant, Light mastery, and fire mastery. I do like... 2k-16k (without the 'dream' shield)

      I'm also curious about Energy Shield. I see you went max energy (if thats your sorceress, I just assume) and max block.
    6. Trionth
      I'm getting a 'Passion' and the 'Dream' I need from Laarz today. Was having problems with AR in PvP while being a bear, so I'm hoping that the ~80% AR boost from 'Passion' along with the Angelics will give me what I need.
    7. Trionth
      How's your Zeal sorc working out?
    8. Trionth
      I know what I'm gunna do for her, going to be fun and different :D

      I'll have to show you once I respec and xfer the gear I need.
    9. Trionth
      Didn't know it had charges on it lol. I threw it on my merc when respec'd a Meteorb into a Light sorc. Couldn't stand the mana drain and just scraped her all together lol. Just sold the Griffon's that I was using :\

      How do you deal with the mana? Especially with energy shield. Do you just chug mana pots?

      I saw a Light (lite?) sorc yesterday using redemtion. I don't know what item that comes from, but it would make it more fun (except for bosses when you don't have monsters to redeem) What if I put an Insight on the sorc and Infinity on the merc? I would be sacrificing a lot of FCR from Occy and Spirit (maybe put it on switch?)
    10. Trionth
      So it's not cyclone armor? Thats cool. I'm not a fan of playing sorceresses, I hate dealing with immunities. All I have are ethereal infinities, so I'll probably not want to use one of those lol.
    11. Trionth
      That is quite the Sorceress you have up there? Energy Shield, Cyclone Armor, and what the Auras?

      I'm just curious as to the build/purpose. Looks cool.
    12. Trionth
      Hey man, if you're around. Now would be a good time to trade.
    13. Tyriael
      my diablo is bugged, anyways the question is if you had +1 cold skills GC?
    14. Tyriael
      bump bump, your ber for my 20 hp/ 11 cr sc. room is railgun/railgun.
    15. Gnarman
      okay what can u get me with the 2x 14max dmg gcs? :)
    16. SaeYoung
      Hey I just happened to come across your post about the 3os conviction scepter and was wondering if you'd be interested in selling it.. i'm also after a 4os aswell =]
      Let me know please
      I pay in HRS that ARE PERM
    17. Arkady
      I would also be interested in the string of ears.
    18. Arkady
      hello. please excuse my noobness as i am new to the forums. I hope I understand your trading format. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      I would like your Gore Rider boots. For the items accepted, 15 pgems would be acceptable? And P-amethyst are worth "2 points"?

      I would like to be the purchaser of the item if that is the case :D
    19. babygtback
      hey mule infor for the 3t/hkeys and pgem for guillame and masteries

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