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Dec 19, 2018 at 12:27 PM
Apr 27, 2009
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Viewing thread 2 weeks too late - Item Find Thread April 2018, Dec 19, 2018 at 12:27 PM
    1. nulio
      Dude, did you tried trenshadow for 1.00/1.06 using your CDs?

      I was thinking about this and I doubt my classic CDs are 1.00 but I can play 1.00. Trenshadow contents "make" the version and maybe the game just asks for a classic CD to start.
    2. nulio
      :S You new to get an ISO then.

      I tried making one to not need the CDs in the drive, but the ISO doesn't work :(
    3. nulio
      So have you decided between 1.00 and 1.06? :D
    4. nulio
      Not totally crap still I think. Maybe a build that doesn't need much from auras could love it. But yeah, it loses most its value.
    5. nulio
      Bah I only noticed now that the amulet has 2pcombat and not 2pally.... :(
    6. Albatross
      Lovely people of the SP(T)F, I'm announcing yet another retirement due to exams. I'll be back in a month or so. Don't cry for me :)
    7. nulio
      First round of exams was in first weeks of June, second round starts tomorrow and lasts a week. Then I'll have a special exam round in July... Bah
    8. nulio
      After my last exam (30rd June) I'll have no excuse to tidy up all my stashes and I'll see what I have for 1.13 crafting :)
    9. nulio
      Probably not. I'd would check various PvM and PvP pally guides. If several of those builds use a 10fcr pally amulet, maybe it values more.

      I might use it if I make a PvP mage (would need a lots of skillers to be able to) for the CoA setup and if I don't trade one just like yours+str.
    10. nulio
      That 10fcr pally ammy it's very nice for builds that only need 10fcr on that slot. I might try to steal it from you :P
    11. nulio
    12. fuzzy wuzzy
      fuzzy wuzzy
      hey dude I've sent Sur rune you requested :)
    13. Lind
      Please check email for the last 2 gems thanks. :)
    14. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I take it you are Mr. Zen? If so, 1. You have e-mail, and 2. Sorry for the late reply, and 3. [email protected] if you can't reach me. Cheers. :)
    15. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I haven't played DotA in over 4 months, but out of boredom I took a look at the last few months of patch changes.

      They totally destroyed Heart of Tarrasque and Bloodstone. Regenerative properties disabled in battle? WTF?! My favourite hero (Krob) keeps getting nerfed more and more. First she loses her bonus movespeed, and now her core items are getting nerfed. Sigh... I'm glad I quit.
    16. omgwtfbbqpwned
      I never took DotA that seriously, so no, no leagues, unless you count a short amount of time spent at DXD West. I did play TDA games a lot, but most of my time was spent with friends doing in-houses or pub stomps (quite possibly my favourite time waster).

      I suppose you're hardcore and have been playing in leagues? My C/S and lane control isn't good enough for league standards anyway, so I don't bother. :p Well, I'm pretty sure I can outlane some of the worser/low tier players in some leagues, but I'll probably get owned everywhere else.

      Plus, vent totally pisses me off. There's nothing more I hate than some whiney kid swearing at me over vent because I missed two or three denies.

      Who told you I played DotA in the first place? ;d Have you played LoL or HoN?
    17. NagisaFurukawa
      Congratulations, Albatross! You've won an all expense paid one week trip for one to the prestigious island of [insert generic island name here], home of the internationally renowned biannual event known by most as PvP Week 4!

      Strange. Where'd that come from? :P.

      Anyway, here's to hoping you at least check in once in a while, as you seem to be doing, regardless of what your decision ends up being about whether or not to return to D2. All the best with RL!
    18. Albatross
      It ain't bad at all, but I'm still waiting for some things to happen and until that I can't make an real decisions and plans so I'm a bit stuck at the moment. The good thing is the addiction faded away and now I can actually decide if I want to play the game or not. So it was safe to return to the forums :) I hope things will settle soon so I'll have enough time for D2, although I miss the community more than the game itself. I've had my share of internet gaming and I know how hard it is to find a nice place like this..
    19. omgwtfbbqpwned
      Hope RL is doing you good, and I eagerly await your rejoining of the SPF. ;)
    20. Albatross
      Hello there, dear visitors. I'm very sorry I have to do this, but I have no other choice right now. Things have gotten a little bit grim and I have to stop playing this game (for now at least) because its draining too much of my time. Time that needs to be put to better and more important use. I'll probably be back some day and I'm hoping to see those friendly faces again. It hasn't been a long stay, but I've had a lot of fun with you guys, see ya :)
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