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Diablo 3 / ROS Retail (0) Videos for the released versions of Diablo 3 classes
Barbarian (3) Barbarian videos from retail version of Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls
Crusader (18) Reaper of Souls Crusader Class in Action
Demon Hunter (3) Demos of the Demon Hunter skills in action
Monk (1) Demos of the Monk skills in action
Witch Doctor (2) Demos of the Witch Doctor skills in action
Wizard Skills (5) Demos of the Wizard skills in action
General Gameplay (14) Ganeral Gameplay Category
Strategy/Guides (107) Strategy Category
Boss Encounters (35) Gameplay Guides to defeating Bosses
Special Runs (16) Naked, speed etc...
Podcasts & Reports (0) Community discussion in video.
The Diablo Podcast (73) The Unoffficial Diablo Podacast
Reports & Opinion (126) Audio and videocasts from the community
Diablo 3 Beta Videos (0) Footage from the Diablo 3 Beta
General Beta Videos (546) General submitted beta footage.
Quest Guides (3) Gameplay Guides to completing quests
Auction House/Economy (19) Working the Markets
Other Videos (0) Other videos not categorised.
PvP Videos (0) Player vs Player
Diablo 3 Cinematics (16) Full cinematic trailers for Diablo 3
Audio (9) Diablo 3 Music
Humour (40) Funny and amusing game videos
Fan made/Cosplay (88) Fans' creations
Interviews (37) Video Interviews with Blizzard
Diablo 1 (26) All Diablo 1 Videos
Diablo 2 (76) All Diablo 2 Videos
BlizzCon (102) All the BlizzCon Videos
Other Events (32) WWI, PAX, Gamescom, E3 etc
GamesCom (0) Coverage from GamesCom
WWI 2008 (0) WWI coverage from Paris in 2008