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  1. Friiser
  2. Friiser
  3. Pyrotechnician
    Pyrotechnician crawlingdeadman
    Surprised to see you still kicking. And posting useful information at that! What happened to the cdm I used to know!
    1. crawlingdeadman likes this.
    2. crawlingdeadman
      You need to play again. We need to play again.
      Sep 28, 2018
  4. crawlingdeadman
    This seems like a bad idea for a guy that swears as much as I do...
  5. Barl
    the unnameable
  6. OutshineBaal
    I'm not saying D2LOD is the greatest computer game....
  7. Balance10
    Looking for legit no mods Multiplay for single player, i have a lvl 90 hammerdin, 90 dream sorc, and 90 poison nec.
  8. Groo
    Groo KremBanan
    Hei Krem. Kjekt å se at du fortsatt holder koken! Jeg ser tilbake på Berlin turen vår med stor glede, men har dessverre ikke anledning til å være med til Tallin i år.
  9. Barl
    the conqueror worm
  10. KremBanan
    KremBanan Groo
    Groo! Er du klar for en ny ETF gathering? :) I år er det Tallinn i September :)
  11. MarcelBlue
    Playing Diablo 2
  12. Friiser
    Friiser ffs
    Thanks ffs for hosting, had a good time, a few steps closer to 99, and a grailer (Horizon's Tornado) :)

    2018 MF/RF tournament result for Friiser, Baal and Minions category:

    S/U Portion - Total points: 51.9

    Runes-Total points 0.7

    Total Score = 51.9 + 0.7 = 52.6
  13. Baltha
    On Holiday
  14. zuQbarb
    Hey I'm getting back into Diablo II lately, Sorry if this sound stupid but I wondering what is battlenet and what is ladder reset ?
  15. LongHoangVN
    I'm playing D2 fury within v1.09. Anyone can help me about, normal to Elite item with Horadric Cube, please :(
  16. MizzouFTW
    MizzouFTW Ash Housewares
    I appreciate your name good sir.
  17. Skezla
    Still clicking the chat gem...
  18. Zarniwoop
    Zarniwoop Laarz
    Laarz, you still around? Pop us a line please.
  19. kamyon95
    I'm getting this error when i'm creating my first char at D2Sceabble mod. HELP! PM ME! HOW CAN I FIX IT?!?
    1. Noodle
      That's not an accepted mod here - we're pretty strict about cheating.
      Apr 21, 2018
  20. kamyon95
    Asserition Faliure Location: D2Common\DATATBLS\LvlTbls.cpp line #1206 Expression: ii > NUM_LEVEL_TYPES