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  1. zuQbarb
    Hey I'm getting back into Diablo II lately, Sorry if this sound stupid but I wondering what is battlenet and what is ladder reset ?
  2. LongHoangVN
    I'm playing D2 fury within v1.09. Anyone can help me about, normal to Elite item with Horadric Cube, please :(
  3. MizzouFTW
    MizzouFTW Ash Housewares
    I appreciate your name good sir.
  4. Skezla
    Still clicking the chat gem...
  5. Zarniwoop
    Zarniwoop Laarz
    Laarz, you still around? Pop us a line please.
  6. kamyon95
    I'm getting this error when i'm creating my first char at D2Sceabble mod. HELP! PM ME! HOW CAN I FIX IT?!?
    1. Noodle
      That's not an accepted mod here - we're pretty strict about cheating.
      Apr 21, 2018
  7. kamyon95
    Asserition Faliure Location: D2Common\DATATBLS\LvlTbls.cpp line #1206 Expression: ii > NUM_LEVEL_TYPES
  8. Belarathon
    Single Player HC
  9. crawlingdeadman
  10. Кирилл Олегович Бирюков
  11. yuripadilha
    yuripadilha mattinm
    Hey Mattinm :)
    I'm trying to play pre 1.12 diablo 2 with trenshadow, but I don't have the old disks to play it, my diablo 2 lod disk doesn't work, I think it is because the disk is from a newer version.
    Is there any solution for this problem?
  12. CancermanOfTheOpera
    Down deeper down. Rock bottom reality.
    1. drmalawi
      Does not sound good at all Swedish friend :(
      Feb 27, 2018
    2. CancermanOfTheOpera
      No. Times are hard, but at least I can escape into the wonderfully addictive world of Diablo.
      I think it helps to keep me sane. :)
      Mar 4, 2018
      drmalawi likes this.
  13. BRKO
    single player paladin zealot in the making since 14.02.2017
  14. T72on1
    T72on1 Zyr
    Welcome here Zyr :).
  15. apple juice
    apple juice BlueSpectra
    Hello BlueSpectra,
    i read about your new old love to d2 :)
    I'm also on US West at home and sreaching for some friends to help from time to time.
    You can add me #apple_juice on realm.

    Have fun.
  16. felord
    felord Comradederp2033
    i am just coming back to D2 after many years, i saw your post and i thought i say hi and also see if i could join up.
    1. Comradederp2033
      Yeah that be great, add me when you can D2:ComradeSteam769 would you be interested in doing uncommon and/or co-op dependent builds? I had some ideas and one idea was having an enchantress and a skellyNecro. The idea is having the minions enchanted with fire at all times.
      Feb 1, 2018
    2. apple juice
      apple juice
      Thats a nice group with the enchantress and the necro. I have a zealer on lvl 35. D2 acc: apple_juice us west
      Feb 3, 2018
  17. kyndig
    If only....
  18. ioupainmax
    ioupainmax Kitteh
    I'm jealous, I want the Diablo books but they are difficult to get hold of, as you say at a reasonable price. (Boo hiss at the Slytherin shirt)
    1. Kitteh likes this.
    2. Kitteh
      Shut it Mudblood! :P It took me a while, mostly I got lucky on amazon/ebay - damned shame really... There are some original comics for Diablo II that I just can't find affordably, Tales of Sanctuary I think they are called.
      Jan 7, 2018
  19. SpawnOfAsbestos
    yawn. Sleep=good
  20. Sid
    Back in black!