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  1. Gynli
  2. Oathed
    Oathed Pär
    Well hey.
  3. SpawnOfAsbestos
    Rip....Tom Petty......) :
    1. Noodle
      Best lyric: "You can stand me up at the gates of Act 4 / But I won't back down."
      Oct 3, 2017
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    2. SpawnOfAsbestos
      " im free! free falling" always make me think of the cinematic in D3 after you kill diablo and you see diablo falling from heaven...
      Oct 3, 2017
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  4. GalaXyHaXz
    Lost a good friend today. One who was more than any ordinary cat. RIP April 2001-October-2017.
  5. Noammr
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    2. LozHinge the Unhinged
      LozHinge the Unhinged
      If only there was time! As it is I have barely time to follow games :(
      Sep 29, 2017
  6. Silvast
    Silvast Nightfish
    Thanks for your Fishymancer guide! I am following it now in HC! Cheers!
  7. Noodle
    Noodle Laarz
    Miss you, buddy . . .
  8. mephisto_007
    I wish I can turn back time.
  9. Atratees
    Killing D-Clone is much sweeter when you're retired and 68 yrs old
  10. mephisto_007
    OG D2 in the block
  11. djmbbandie
    Ohio State football time!
  12. helvete
    What's a Status Message?
  13. Thyiad
    póg mo thóin
  14. DurfBarian
    DurfBarian BasTyra
    hubba hubba
  15. DiabloTwoinDC
  16. Turbojugend
    Turbojugend Rushster
  17. Reloader.XMH
    Rebuilding from the ground up.
  18. andreasadi
    beginner player
  19. Tenshiro Nova
    Tenshiro Nova
    Adapt and Overcome!
  20. RonGreat
    Diablo 2 fan here