December 27, 2015

How Blizzard Turned Titan’s Failure into Overwatch’s Success(?)

Nothing about Diablo 3, but an article in the LA Times shares some interesting info about how Blizzard cancelled the long-developing Titan, the turned the game assets and team into Overwatch. Obviously no one can rule Overwatch a success (or failure) yet, but early reviews and beta testing reports are very positive. At any rate, it’s more of a success than the cancelled Titan.

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By: Flux

June 6, 2013

Former QA and GM Spills Blizzard Secrets?

A person who claims to have been a Blizzard employee from 2006-2012, working in Tech Support, QA, and as a WoW GM took part in a spontaneous AMA on Reddit today. There’s no real proof that this person is legit, but she sounds pretty authentic in her knowledge of internal company function and politics. There’s zero secret game info and almost no mention of Diablo 3, but quite a bit about GMing in WoW, company policies for user help in that game, catching gold botters, dealing with developers, dishy details about which game devs are the most arrogant, why they ignored DoTA and let others cash in on their game, and much more.

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January 22, 2013

Jay Wilson is Game Director of an Unannounced Blizzard Game

In his farewell post Jay Wilson said that he was moving to another project inside of Blizzard. Most of us assumed he’d be working on Titan (or something else more secret), but also assumed he’d be a team lead or developer of some sort, but that he would *not* be a Game Director again. I thought that Jay wouldn’t want the constant publicity and PR headaches, and that Blizzard wouldn’t want him to be the public face of another game after the decidedly rocky first year of Diablo 3.

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