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March 26, 2014

Vote: Your Reaper of Souls Launch Experience?

It’s too soon to properly evaluate Reaper of Souls, but not too soon to reflect upon the launch. So how was your Reaper of Souls launch experience? Most reports I heard were pretty good; fans enjoying the new content and the Crusader, and experiencing little to no technical trouble. But here’s where we introduce numbers, since the plural of anecdote is not data… unless it comes with bars and graphs!

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March 19, 2014

Australian Diablo 3 servers now in place?

In the past 24 hours players in New Zealand and Australia have been experiencing something rather unusual, low latency. Previously players would experience around a 100+ – 200+ ping to the North American  servers but today that ping has dropped to around 60. Reader Frantic sent over a quick email to tell us what’s been happening:

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By: Rushster