November 25, 2014

The Best Diablo Cosplay from Blizzcon 2014

FMulder has been doing his news hunter thing and gathered up a bunch of great shots of Diablo cosplay from this year’s Blizzcon. I saw a few of these people roaming around the convention center, but looking at the shots in our Diablo cosplay gallery I was amazed how many I did *not* see at the show. And how awesome most of the costumes are. We should have had more on stage during the costume contest!

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By: Flux

March 31, 2014

Giant Diablo Cosplay Gallery: RoS Launch Parties and More

Great cosplay of a variety of Diablo characters, heroes, and demons, from the Reaper of Souls launch party and other recent events. Thanks to Elvira and Susie for shots from the launch party (apologies for my buzzed face marring your enjoyment of the costumed ladies), but mostly credit to Fmulder for uploading these and hundreds of other images to our Diablo 3 Cosplay gallery.

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August 11, 2013

Cosplay Caption This

Fmulder regularly finds amusing Diablo-related images and posts them as Caption This threads in our forums. He’s done 20 so far this year and while we should feature them on the main page more often… we often leave them for a forum treat. His newest Caption This thread I had to post though, since I spent a good minute laughing at how awesomely-bizarre an image it was.

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