May 3, 2017

Necromancer removed from Diablo Beta again for tuning

It appears as thought the Necro was removed from the Diablo 3 beta for tuning reasons. Not too surprising but for those hoping to raise an army of the dead you’ll have to wait again. Hopefully, the next version will include class weapons so that we can begin to see how the class works in conjunction with all its parts!

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By: Xanth

October 5, 2016

Diablo 3 Team Job Openings

The Diablo 3 team has been shedding personnel for months, as many of the designers and senior developers have moved on to other projects at Blizzard or left the company entirely. Of late, almost all the Diablo job openings have been “unannounced project” positions, and mostly senior ones at that. For instance, the Diablo jobs listed back in the Spring were:

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By: Flux

October 1, 2016

Season Seven Ending, and Eras Growing Longer

A couple of pieces of big news about Diablo 3 today. First up, Season Seven is ending, and much sooner than most of us expected. The season will end in two weeks, on October 14th. S7 began on August 5th, not even two months ago, so this one will end 2-3 weeks earlier than any previous D3 season. With no patch in testing on the PTR it’s obvious we won’t see many changes in Season 8, so it’s not clear why this one is getting such a quick reset, when most fans expected the next season to begin somewhen around Blizzcon, in early November.

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By: Flux

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