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November 12, 2014

Diablo 3 Clan Control Improvements Coming

Talking to John Yang at the community corner booth on Saturday night, he told me that various improvements to the clans interface were on their way, including the ability to see how long since a member last logged on. I had that in my notes to share with you guys, and lots more from Storytime with Wyatt (I live tweeted a few choice tidbits Saturday night), and tonight I’m recording a podcast with N3rdwards and Rankil about their Blizzcon 2014 experience… but a Blue post got to the clan member info first, so here’s the confirmation.

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By: Flux

October 2, 2014

IncGamers Diablo 3 Hardcore Clan Merger

We’ve long had three Hardcore clans on the Americas Server: IncGamers Hardcore West/East/North, running IncHCW, IncHCE, and IncHCN for tags. All the clans are nearly-full, but a lot of those numbers are players who have gone inactive, so to get a larger group of active players we are merging the East and West clans into “IncGamers Hardcore” clan. Our “IncGamers HC North” clan is *not* merging or closing or changing at this time, since it’s lately the busiest of the three (no doubt due to Xanth’s intrepid leadership). (Plus it’s cool to have a normal and a North version, as Blizzard once proved.)

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By: Flux

June 24, 2014

Clan Changes Not in Patch 2.1

With all the excitement of what is to come with the first content patch for Reaper of Souls it would be easy to overlook one of the less fleshed-out aspects to the game. Clan support finally made it in to a Diablo game but it has been a somewhat lacklustre attempt to satisfy the fans. Clan tags and chat are the two useful aspects but not much else. Enkeria asked if Clans would receive any attention in Patch 2.1. In a word “no” but Blizzard are, as always, open to suggestions as Nevalistis explained.

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By: Elly

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