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September 10, 2014

Travis Day: What to do with excess gems?

Anyone with much experience playing a level 70 character soon learns that Marquise gems build up into huge stacks. Players who play multiple classes have more use for the different flavors of gem, but eventually almost everyone (especially in Softcore, where you never lose gems and hardly anyone bothers with Amethysts or Diamonds in armor) winds up with hundreds of gems and no purpose for them.

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By: Flux

May 22, 2014

Fan Theorycrafting: Targeted Legendary Item Finding in Diablo 3?

Mwille shared an interesting sort of theorycrafting in our Diablo 3 community forum. What if you could specify which legendaries you most wanted to find, and then take specific actions in-game to boost your odds of scoring them? His idea works a bit like a Bounty system focused on item finding, where Kadala would let you create a wishlist of your most wanted items, and then give you hints when some monster in your game had an elevated chance to drop one of them.

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