Shrines and Pylons

March 4, 2015

Greater Rift Strategy: Forced Pylon Spawns

We’ve seen constant tweaks to the Pylon spawning rate and type in Greater Rifts, as Blizzard has worked to make them more balanced and fair, and put in measures to stop the “fishing for Conduit” techniques that fueled some of the highest Greater Rift clears in the past.

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By: Flux

November 12, 2013

Reaper of Souls “Super Shrines”: Blizzcon 2013 Hands-On Guide

One of the cool new Reaper of Souls features to debut at Blizzcon is a new class of shrines. All the current six shrine types remain in the game with unchanged functions, but now about every third or fourth shrine you find as you explore the world is dark red in coloration, wreathed in flames, and offers a new, very powerful, short term buff. We don’t know how many such shrines there are in the game and they’re obviously still a work in progress, but I saw five of them in my play time.

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